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10 Steps For Bloggers – You Must Follow Them After Posting Any New Article!

#1. Read and review the article

I know you’re definitely investing some time in reviewing and editing your articles before they’re published. But most bloggers forget something. So you should check the article linguistically and review it more than once before posting.

#2. Share your article on social networks

You spend hours preparing your article. You should spend a few minutes on promoting your articles. Immediately after posting your article, share it on Facebook, Twitter and appvalley. And any other social networks you have active. This will help you get readers’ attention. Do not make the process of selecting the best networks for deployment take too long. Start publishing now and see for yourself the most effective experience.

#3. Send this article to your mailing list subscribers

The subscribers to your mailing list are the most loyal to you and have given you permission to inform them of your new content. So send them to them immediately. Make it usually daily or weekly and if you do not have a mailing list yet start building one right away.

#4. Post an article in specialized groups and communities

You are definitely a member of a group on Facebook or LinkedIn. You may be a member of a specialized community such as I / O or any other specialized community. Post your article on these groups and communities to get more spread. If you are not a member of any groups or communities you should consider joining some of them.

#5.Link your new article to your old articles

If you’re posting articles with valuable content, you’ll be able to drive traffic and engagement over time. These articles will enable you to send multiple visits to your new article. Return to the best articles you’ve published and found a way to link to the news article. These internal links drive many internal visits to your articles, reducing the bounce rate on your site and making the reader spend more time reading your articles, which has a strong impact on your search engine optimization.

#6. Respond to comments

Encouraging readers to add their comments to your article is a big challenge. So you should never ignore someone’s comment. Make all comments a priority. This will build a strong positive relationship with your readers. Which will move any of them to participate and comment on your article?

#7. Re-employ your article in other images

You should never publish an article and let it die over time. Any article with more than 800-1000 words can easily be re-employed in a new image that adds more value. You can use it as videotext, redesign it in an infographic, digital book or even split it into smaller entries. Although it is a long process and takes a lot of time. Its utility is great.

#8. Schedule your article to be published more than once on social networks

Most bloggers share their articles immediately after publishing them only once or twice on social networks. However, you should not stop sharing your article after the first day. At least your article is valid for re-sharing for a week if not months. So I advise you to republish your articles on social networks always for months after publishing them as long as the content is no longer old or other updates have not been added yet.

#9. Invest in good relations and mutual benefit

Blogging supports Y’all make good relationships in your field. If you spend time sharing and commenting on other writers’ posts in your field. You’re probably building a strong network of relationships with writers and blogs. When you publish a new article you are not reluctant to share with them. If they like them, they will certainly be interested in sharing with their friends and followers, and if someone continues with you, you will not hesitate to do the same.

#10. Learn the numbers!

Finally, always follow the numbers and analyzes of your blog will tell you the sources of traffic that come to your blog and most articles sharing and interacting and whether visitors continue to read many articles or jump rate is high. This information will help you develop and improve your upcoming articles.

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