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15 Signs to Know if a Daycare is Good

Nothing is left for me to start saving it! In September, thousands of children will start going to the nursery for the first time . The one chosen by your daddies, excited or fearful, months ago! Some parents will have valued a thousand and one options. Others, however, will have selected depending on the proximity or available places. There are those who have opted for private or subsidized day care centers and also those who have chosen to take their children to the public nursery. Actually,  knowing if a daycare is good for our child is a much easier task than we imagine.

Whatever are the options shuffled at the time of  choosing daycare , if you want to reinfirmaros in your decision, keep in mind these  15 signs to know if a daycare is good .

1. Word of mouth

The nursery is the place where we are going to leave our most precious treasure for part of the day: our children. When you do not know the area or you face the task of finding a nursery for your children for the first time , knowing the opinions of other parents can be useful.

The experience of other parents with children of similar ages to yours can be motivating. If the families of your environment are happy with their day care centers and one or more of them are the most chosen, you can quickly and easily obtain references of trust.

2. There is movement and noise, there is life

Seeing children from 1 to 3 years sitting and completely silent, with their arms crossed and doing nothing, is not synonymous with good manners. Young children learn by playing, so they have to play.

The ideal when we enter a daycare, is to see them playing, moving, enjoying and having fun. At these ages they still do not share games or look for companions, but they must remain together and entertained in specific tasks appropriate for their age.

3. In group and supervised

Children must  share space . They may not yet play among themselves, but little by little they will learn to relate to each other. The nursery is key to the process of socialization of a child. Teachers and supervisors must ensure that no child is on the sidelines or remains isolated.

When we leave our children in the hands of qualified personnel, the least we expect from them is to take care of them. Children must be well looked after at all times. If we see children sitting alone on the floor, crying or with dirty diapers or faces, something is wrong.

4. A scheduled schedule with a variety of activities

Young children get bored easily. Fill your day with different activities that allow them to develop multiple skills is a mandatory task. The nursery school must have enough and varied material so that no child remains idle: building blocks, books and stories, paintings and material to make crafts, dolls for the symbolic game (and even costumes!), Balls and games table. You must also schedule different activities depending on the time of year.

Seeing a kindergarten with a small variety of toys and programmed activities  means that children will have little chance of doing varied things or will not be able to play all at the same time.

5. Freedom of choice and movement

Young children need freedom of movement. There are times when the activities in a kindergarten are directed and in groups (they tell a story, sing a song, prepare a performance, etc.) and others in which children must be free to do what motivates them most. Did you know here is lot of online stores offering you the best nursery furnitures check here the world best online store.

The free play time is so critical to child development and adaptation to standards. Not all children may want to do the same thing at the same time as others. It is very frustrating for them to be doing something they like and have fun and for someone to tell them that they should stop doing it and move on to do something more boring, simply because everyone else is going to do it. You can not have a 2-year-old child playing with play dough sitting in a chair out of obligation when the child feels better playing on the floor.

In addition, the freedom of choice (of toys or activity, for example), is essential to judge the personality and tastes of the child. Teaching them to choose is as important as knowing how to obey. A good teacher will always plan several alternatives to an activity and observe how each child acts and develops.

6. Educators work in groups and individually

Young children need to feel heard, loved and clothed. A child needs to know that he or she is being cared for at all times and to notice that it is important to others. Also, not all children need or demand the same attention. Therefore, children educators must spend time with children individually and also in small groups. This will help them to know the particularities of each child and also the behavior of the dynamics of their group.

If we enter a nursery school and we see that the educators always work in a group, they probably do not get to really know what each of the children is like.

7. The classroom for the kids: a clean, happy and safe place

One of the best ways to see what a kindergarten is like is to observe the class our child will be in during the school year. If the nursery is dynamic and creative as it should be, the classroom will be decorated with the works of children, with their crafts, drawings, photos, activities, murals, etc. Observing their class and its decoration, we will have a clear example of what is lived there every day and of all the things that children will do in our absence.

It must also be a healthy and safe environment since the child will spend a good part of the day with other children there. High windows with special closures and bars to prevent falls, outlets for children or properly protected, absence of dangerous steps and padded floors in the area of ​​the swings are some of the precautions that we must check that the center meets. In addition, proper hygiene includes a toilet adapted in height for each or two classes and a spacious and gleaming dining area.

8. Creativity is important

Children should be encouraged to develop their imagination through play and creation. Creativity is not only fundamental for the development of artistic talent, but for all facets of our life. You never know what little mind today will make great progress in the future! New and innovative ideas about how to carry out an activity, game or task, should be listened to and considered by the educators.

If we observe that a child is forced to always follow the same pattern when, for example, playing block constructions, it is a bad symptom. Children should be free to draw cows with wings and color pink skies if that is what they want.

9. The nursery is not going to learn

Many parents may be scandalized when reading this, but it turns out that it is totally true. Children learn without wanting to. They learn something because it is useful (opening a bottle to drink because they are thirsty, for example), by repetition, practice (trial-error), chance (accidental discovery: water wet hand when touched), daily routine or playing .

The infantile schools that “sell” programmed or methods of education “for geniuses” directed to children of less than 3 years, sell chimeras. The educational programs of nursery schools must be approved and directed by the Ministry of Education and must meet their requirements. Starting from that base, trying to teach English to a baby so that in the future it will be bilingual if only Spanish is spoken at home, is an absurd and impossible task. We are not talking about a school-age child or a teenager. We are talking about a baby who perhaps has not even pronounced his first words with meaning. Besides confusing him with words that will be completely useless in his day to day, we will only frustrate him, The objective of the children in the nursery is not to learn numbers or letters … But they will learn them equally! In keeping a child will learn different words, develop their language and also some of the basic tasks of their day to day as they collect their toys. But all this you will learn in the context of your day-to-day experiences .

10. Stimulating in excess is not good

Each stage of a child’s growth is unique, special and unrepeatable. There is time for everything and skipping a stage so fundamental to their development as early childhood to advance the next is not positive for them.  The children have to play. Playing to explore, you will know plants, animals, minerals, colors, shapes, textures, sounds, etc. In this way, in a fun way they will learn everything they need to know , no more, no less, without the activities being focused on knowing it.

If you enter a child’s classroom where all the children are sitting filling in chips, run away. That’s not the right way for them to learn things … Simply because it’s not stimulating or fun! If you were told about a wonderful computer program for 2-year-olds, you can laugh at it openly. Young children only learn if they enjoy what they are doing. And this is true whether it is a child with high abilities or a completely normal one.

At this stage, it is much more interesting for them to have a kindergarten with a sensory classroom than another in which they are kept sitting performing evaluation exercises and intelligence tests.

11. Children play outdoors

Leaving home to spend the day locked in the nursery and spend the day locked in there is a mistake. I have heard parents say that they have opted for one kindergarten in front of another because the playground was indoors, the recreation area was covered or they did not go outside with the children. The desire to protect these parents with respect to their child is understandable, but it is excessive when it is harmful to the child.

A suitable nursery, must have an outdoor space in good condition, safe and properly adapted for children. Children have to be able to play outside every day for several hours.  Enjoying sunlight, outside air and having adequate space to run and jump is healthy for them. Whenever the weather is good, they should have this possibility. In case one day does bad weather should not be used to make them work more in the classroom. In this case, it is better to allow them a little free play to help them develop their imagination.

12. Many varied stories are read

Einstein said: “If you want your child to be intelligent, tell him stories. If you want to be smarter, tell him more stories. ” Young children should be able to listen to stories as a group activity and also enjoy them on their own, although at this stage they only manipulate them or nothing more than fixate on the illustrated images.

In addition, the titles should be as varied as possible. In this way, your universe will be enriched in a way that even we ourselves do not suspect.

13. The diversity of the group and the rhythm of each child are taken into account

Not all children have the same rhythm in the same things. Some are more advanced in some things and others are more backward. When preparing and carrying out activities, the educator must take into account both the most skilled children and the children who go more slowly in their development. A good educator will propose new challenges for those who get bored doing things that they already dominate. It will also create adapted activities for the less advanced children to evolve.

The degree of maturity and the evolutionary stage of the children should also be taken into account. For example, when going to the bathroom or sitting down to eat. Some children may start to take off their diapers earlier than others, or children who already eat solids while most do not chew yet.

An appropriate nursery school will take all these factors into account and will respect the needs of each child by adapting to them. A nursery in which all children are forced to eat mashed potatoes is not a good place for our children.

14. Children enjoy going to daycare

The best indication that a daycare is good is to see that the children are happy, they are happy and they want to return . Naturally, at the beginning most people have a hard time. Going to the store means separating from parents, something that has never happened before. But as the course progresses, we should note that the children are happy. That’s because their daycare is a good place for them!

We can help our children adapt to this new change. They will adapt more easily and quickly if we carry out the advisable adaptation period.  This way, the children will get used to this new space and their new routines. We can also implement some tricks to avoid school stress.

Going out with plenty of time from home, keeping a cheerful mood on the way to keep and always arrive on time to pick up our children are some key points to give confidence to our children. It is also important that parents participate in daycare activities that are planned for it. Thus, the children will not feel that they are being left “abandoned” in a new and unknown place.

15. A family atmosphere

The daycare is like a second home for our children. Or should it be. The daycare should act and feel like a big family. The child must feel his classmates and teachers as part of his closest environment. You will spend a good part of the hours of the day with them!

Children need, above all things, to be loved.  Choose a nursery school in which everyone knows and treats each other with love. Because it will be a happy and safe environment for our kids. We will be much calmer if their caregivers treat our son as their own son.

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