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16 Interesting Hanumanji Facts About Hanumanji

Lord Hanuman is a symbol of strength and loyalty. Since ages, he has been praised for the same. He is revered for getting rid of all the demonic activities too as the demons are said to be afraid of him in Hindu culture. But that’s not the extent of his greatness.

Here are 16 interesting facts about Hanumanji. Check them out and share them with your loved ones:-

Fact #1 Hanumanji’s mother

Hanumanji’s mother

Lord Hanuman’s mother Anjana, also known as Punjikasthala, was a celestial spirit. Once she dared to offend a sage and hence was cursed that she’ll be born as a monkey on earth.

Fact #2 Hanumanji and Lord Surya

Hanumanji and Lord Surya

Hanuman was an exceptional bhakta (disciple) of Lord Surya and respected him as a teacher. To prove his worthiness, he was asked to follow the movement of the sun, and Hanumanji did exactly what he was told. Lord Surya, impressed by his dedication, illuminated his mind with divine knowledge.

Fact #3: Hanumanji and Sugriva

Sugriva was the son of Lord Surya. Suryadev requested Lord Hanuman to become a close confidante of Sugriva in return for sharing his knowledge. Hanuman agreed and became the commander and minister of Sugriva.

Fact #4: Hanumanji & Sindoor

Hanumanji & Sindoor

Lord Hanuman was and is considered the greatest devotee of Lord Rama. Once Sita was putting sindoor on her forehead, Hanuman asked her why she was doing so. To which she replied that Sindoor is the symbol of her love and respect for her husband. Keeping this in mind, Lord Hanuman displayed his love for Lord Rama by covering his entire body in sindoor. This gesture touched Lord Rama to such an extent that he granted a boon to his greatest devotee that those that worshipped Lord Hanuman within the future with sindoor would ward all their difficulties away.

Fact #5: Hanumanji’s son

Hanumanji’s son

Lord Hanuman also had a son named Makardwaja. Hanumanji was sweating when he was flying back over the ocean after the burning of Lanka. Just a tiny drop of his sweat fell into the waters and was swallowed by a fish. That was how Makardwaja was born.

Fact #6 Hanumanji and the sun

Hanumanji and the sun

When he was a young boy, Hanumanji tried swallowing the sun thinking it was a ripe fruit. To protect the sun Lord Indra had to attack little Hanuman. That’s when Indra attacked him together with his Vajra (thunderbolt). He fell straight to earth and his jaw was disfigured.

Fact #7 Hanumanji tears his chest

Hanumanji tears his chest

This tale is one of the most famous of them all. Sita once gave a pearl necklace as a gift to Hanumanji. The latter declined replying he didn’t want anything which didn’t have Lord Rama’s name on it. To prove he was true to his words, he tore off his chest, and there were images of Lord Rama and Sita carved inside his heart.

Fact #8 Hanumanji and the King of Spirits

Hanumanji and the King of Spirits

When Lord Rama decided to go away from his earthly existence for his journey to Vaikuntha he knew that Hanuman wouldn’t let him do so. So he tasked Hanuman with finding his ring which had fallen and disappeared underground. While on the task, Hanuman met the King of Spirits who informed him about the truth. Hanumanji was quite saddened by this news.

Fact #9 Hanumanji the avatar

Hanumanji the avatar

Lord Shiva’s 11th and final Rudra avatar was Lord Hanuman.

Fact #10 Hanumanji’s names

Hanumanji’s names

Lord Hanuman was born to the monkey king Kesari and queen, Anjana. He was known by a lot of names including Bajrang Bali, Pawanputra, Maruti Nandan, Sankat Mochan, Balaji, Anjaneya, and Deenabandhave.

Fact #11 Hanumanji and Tuesday

Hanumanji and Tuesday

He was born on a Purnima (full moon day) of the Chaitra month on a Tuesday. Every year when Chaithra month’s full moon day arrives, his birthday is celebrated by the name Shri Hanuman Jayanti. And every Tuesday is considered an auspicious day to worship Lord Hanuman.

Fact #12 Hanumanji, the symbol

Hanumanji, the symbol

Lord Hanuman is considered as a beacon of love, devotion, intelligence, duty, strength, and loyalty. Symbolically, he stands for pure devotion, complete surrender, and absence of ego or the lower self. His character is aligned with the forces of good, and he inspires us to help the weak, with self-control, unconditional faith, and total surrender.

Fact #13 Hanumanji’s boons

Hanumanji’s boons

Brahma blessed Hanuman with several boons because of his diligence and preserving nature. He was immune to weapons, could change his form at his own will, and had the ability to travel easily wherever he wanted.

Fact #14 Hanumanji followed Rama

Hanumanji followed Rama

Hanuman met Rama during his 14-year exile from his own kingdom. After laying his eyes upon him, Hanuman immediately prostrated himself in front of him. From that moment on, he followed Rama everywhere he went and helped in any way possible.

Fact #15 Lord Hanuman carries a mountain

Lord Hanuman carries a mountain

Lord Hanuman’s greatest accomplishment was when he moved an entire mountain to heal Lord Lakshmana who was seriously wounded in the battle against Ravana.  Hanuman was called upon to fetch this herb from mount Dronagiri, far to the north of the Vindhyas on the slopes of the Himalayas. But when he got to the hill, he realized he couldn’t distinguish between so many herbs growing there. So instead of guessing, he picked up the entire mountain and brought it back.

Fact #16 Hanumanji fought Lord Rama

Hanumanji fought Lord Rama 

Despite the brotherly bond between Lord Rama and Hanumanji, the two were once had to fight a battle against each other. Once, Guru Vishwamitra ordered Lord Rama to kill Yayati. The latter had already sought refuge in Hanuman Ji, who believed that anyone who seeks his refuge should be saved. He then had to fight a battle with Lord Rama.

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