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5 Most Romantic Ways to Propose Your Special One this Valentine’s

Hey lovers, as Valentine’s Day is around the corner, you can make it the best time to ask your amour for her hand in marriage. If you want to pull some of the most romantic ways to propose to your sweetheart, we got you, dear. Maybe you can opt to use some romantic foreign languages like Spanish, Te Casas Conmigo? Use an Italian written prop, Lo Sposerete? Or go French; Veux-to m’épouser? 

Wonder no more, and let’s roll on the caravan of lovey-dovey. You will find our five curated proposals quite charming as you read along: 

Chocolate box

Offering a box of chocolate to your darling on Valentine’s Day may be a bit cliché. Right? But switching the yummy chocolates from their box to a diamond engagement ring can be a great turn around and one of the romantic ways to propose. When your sweetheart receives a heart-shaped box from Godiva or Patchi chocolates, she will be salivating as she expeditiously opens the box.

Instead of finding a delicious edible choc to bite, she may be initially disappointed and excited at the same time to find a sparkling magnificent diamond ring. Get on your feet as she opens the box and watches her dumbfounded look, hoping she will positively nod her head or utter the anticipated word you have been waiting for with bated breath.

14 days to Valentine


Remember the 12 days of Christmas? The fourteen days to Valentines’ are almost the same script, where you can start giving your partner a heart-inspired present or sentimental poem until Valentine’s Day. When D-day comes, it’s time to make it epic; a special romantic dinner with crafted red roses props falling from above written “will you marry me?” 

Trail of love


While some would consider a trail of roses from the entrance to everywhere around the house a cliché, lovers still find it one of the most romantic ways to propose. A sprinkle of rose petals is highly likely to tickle anyone with chops of romance as love lingers within.

Whether you want to create a fairy-tale or an unforgettable picturesque, a trail of fresh roses arranged with some flickering candles will do the magic. Prepare a bubble bath for your lover and craft a heart-shaped rose design in a bathtub, as “will you marry me” follows on the bed of roses.

Make it Epic


So, you finally found the right ring for your partner? Congratulations! But if you have not found the perfect venue or still battling with how to nail it, that could be challenging. Since this will be a great moment, think of remarkable places such as the Eiffel towers, pic of the mountain, air balloon, etc. I guess you get the drill.

Why the Eiffel tower? Rome is beautiful and one of the most romantic cities in the world. Bringing your lover here while facing the Eiffel towers will be mind-blowing, not to mention one of the romantic ways to propose to that unique person. Since it’s a significant undertaking, plan and check for hotels with an incredible view of the Eiffel towers.

It is crucial first to find what your partner loves. Is she a private person, or would a public display sway her? Researching this will help you in your game plan proposal. If she prefers having a special moment with you, then you can choose to go on the rooftop of one of the hotels with a breath-taking view. Other serene places include Avenue de Camoens or Rue de l’Université.

And if she doesn’t mind the attention, try to be out by sunrise so you can find a perfect spot with less crowd to carry the mission—one of those would-be Trocadero, which overlooks the Seine River, giving an incredible view.

N:B: It is not about a one-day affair, but the memories you will create for yourself and the generations to come. They can emulate this particular gesture, which is admirable. You may wish to include some of your special friends to capture the event or use a hidden camera to surprise your partner.

Skywriting Proposal

One of the remarkable proposals is written in the sky. Right? A perfect love starts as it gets written in the heavens, and this gesture may be a little closer to that. It may cause a sensation while looking up there, especially while dining on a romantic outdoor setup.

What you need to consider to nail this proposal;

  • Search for the ideal service provider with excellent reviews and meets your requirements
  • Have a budget. Most companies calculate their charges per the letter written or the duration taken by the flight. Sometimes it can even be both. They may require some deposit from the total cost for proper planning.
  • Weather plays a significant role in this mission. Clear sunny weather will offer an excellent proposal, unlike a cloudy day, which might obscure the letters. In essence, if you are considering a skywriting proposal, it’s best-done during summertime rather than the winter season.

In conclusion, whether it’s your high school sweetheart or a girl of your dream you have decided to put a ring on, we have done some heavy lifting for you so that you can seal the deal. Assuming you got the unique ring and blessings from your partner’s dad, this guide provides you the most romantic ways to propose to your true love.

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5 Most Romantic Ways to Propose Your Special One this Valentine’s

Hey lovers, as Valentine's Day is around the corner, you can make it the best time to ask your amour for her...