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5 Tips to Get More Voluminous Hair

We all want voluminous hair, right? Those luscious locks that float around your head, making everyone else stop and stare… But alas, we can only wish…

Or can we?

If the hair gods were not so kind to you, keep reading to see how you can make your hair go from flat to fab without much hassle!

Here are 5 ways you can transform your hair into the marvelous mane you always wanted.

  1. Hack Your Way Through

One of the best hacks to add volume to your hair is to flip your hair upside down when you blow-dry it. This will lift your roots off your scalp, giving your hair a much fuller appearance. But before you use a comb or brush, run your fingers through your hair to get the more water out of it. Pull your hair away from your scalp and blow-dry from the root towards the tips. This will reduce frizz and lift up the roots. For an additional lift, add a dollop of mousse to your hair before blow-drying. Work it in from your roots towards the ends, and then blow-dry to get some va-va-volume!

Voluminious Hair

Another secret is to put bobby pins in wet hair after you wash your hair right next to the scalp. Remove them after your hair is dry. This hack will give your roots a slight, natural lift.

  1. Keep Your Hair Clean 

It is tempting to just pass and run out the door, without washing your hair. After all, it is just a day. Alas, before long, one day turns into a few, and your hair is a flat mess on your head. Thus, to get volume in your hair, make sure you keep it clean. When your hair hasn’t been washed, the oils in your scalp accumulate with bacteria, weighing down your hair and causing them to lay flat on your scalp.

But, don’t overdo it, says Praver Kachroo from Evolvere  Salon Solutions. She recommends not washing your hair more than three times a week if you have oily hair, and for people with normal or dry hair can wash their hair once in every two to three days. Washing your hair too often can strip your hair of its nutrients, leaving it even more limp than before.

When you do wash your hair, you must do so correctly. Start by rinsing your hair well. This will loosen any dirt, bacteria, and oils. Shampoo the roots well. Apply moisturizing conditioner and hair masks only to the tips of your hair. This will make sure your hair is soft and silky without sticking to your scalp as using conditioners on the roots just weighs the hair down which is the exact opposite of what we’re going for!

If you don’t have time to wash your hair every time it gets dirty, dry shampoo is your best pal. Just rub some in your roots, and you are good to go. It removes dirt, absorbs extra oil, and is a volumizing agent. Although some of them tend to leave a white cast but don’t you worry, there are dry shampoos that are made for specific hair color too.

  1. Style it Right 

It might be time to part with your parting. Adjusting the way you part your hair can instantly give your hair a voluminous boost. Avoid center partings as they tend to make your hair look flatter.

Say hi to the rollers or curling irons. Curly and wavy styles add more bounce, making your hair look much more voluminous than a straight style would.

Teasing your hair is another way of adding volume while styling your hair. Grab a small section of hair up, and then lightly comb or brush the back of it toward your head. Do this in small sections all over your head, and hairspray it to hold it in place.

There are also many hacks of making a ponytail look more voluminous. You can add a clip in the middle of your ponytail, giving it a higher bounce or you can use the same teasing technique on the bottom strands of the pony to give it the peppy bounce.

  1. Give the Salon a Visit  

Why wait for that break-up or existential crisis for a new look? Go visit the salon and chop off a few inches of your hair. Shorter hair lends more bounce, giving the impression of more volume. On the other hand, long hair can weigh down the roots even more.

Another way to give the impression of the volume is to get a layered haircut. The choppy look adds dimension and depth, making your locks look much more voluminous.

Regular trims also keep away the split-ends, making the bottom of your hair look thicker.

While you are at the salon, consider coloring your hair too. Highlights add a lot of texture to your hair. They make the strands of your hair look thicker, giving the impression of more volume.

  1. Get The Experts Involved

If you some sort of medical condition or you are on meds due to which you are losing hair at a considerable rate then don’t shy away from consulting your doctor for advice. As no matter what, one always deserves a hair volume that everyone admires, right? So you can either go for transplants and other cosmetic surgeries suggested by your doctor.

Or you can go with the good old Hair Extensions and Wigs. You can always get that volume in a snap of fingers without any hassle using our Hair Extensions. If you want that bounce and volume you can use our LUXE 10 Piece Clip-in Set. This Clip-in Extension Set gives a very natural volume to the hair. So thank us later once you’re done gathering all those compliments coming your way!

Follow these tips and you won’t need to worry about flat hair problems anymore. So the next time you have to go out for a party or you need to impress that special someone, fear not! There is no need to tie your hair in a bun and watch the blessed ones walk by with flowy hair. With a few tips and tricks up your sleeve – or should we say, hair – you will have a head full of voluminous hair.


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