5 Tips to Help Kids Overcome Fear of Dentists

Dentist for Child

Most kids feel scared of going to the dentist. They would do everything to skip the dental appointment. Naturally, parents to such kids are bound to feel troubled in convincing their wards to change their mind and visit the clinic. This fear of the dentist is neither new nor restricted to any particular region alone. Rather, kids across the glove baulk at the thought of visiting the dentist due to different reasons. If some get terrified at seeing the pokey tools and equipment at the dental office, some find the environment of the clinic too scary to muster courage for treatment. Parents however can help their kids overcome the innate fear with some easy tips.

Here are tips to help kids overcome the fear of dentists –

1. Start early

Unfamiliarity can also breed contempt. Yes, most kids get worried about the thought of visiting the dentist as they are unfamiliar with the things to expect. They have grown up listening how dentists cause unbearable pain or pull the teeth out of the socket, so their reluctance is quite obvious. Parents however should start early so that their child becomes familiar with everything a dental clinic is synonymous with. Dental experts advise parents to take their child to the dentist by their first birthday or when the first tooth emerges. Thereafter, regular visits every six months or so can help the child become familiar with all the things and the fear will gradually go away.

2. Always talk positive about the dentist

Parents should stay away from talking fear of dentists with their child. They should never ever show dentists in bad light, or equate them with harbinger of pain, else their wards might take a cue and fit it in the mind forever. And if parents themselves show anxiety about going to the dentist, how can they expect their children to remain immune to the fear? On the other hand, if you show dentists in good light, always talk positive things about them, chances are little one too will start believing the same. Mind you, fear is an acquired trait and you can easily break that by inculcating good things in the mind of your child.

3. Take the child to a pediatric dentist only

Parents should never do the mistake of taking their child to the same dentist who treat grown-ups or adults. Rather, a child must be taken to only a pediatric dentist for treatment in an expert manner. Such dentists specialize in treating kids, they have special training in providing care and treatment to littles one and thus, they remain the best dentist for little ones. With them, you can be sure that your little one gets the best possible dental care in a friendly environment. If possible, take the child to the nearest dentist, preferably close to the home so that some sense of familiarity is there for him/her to feel comfortable.

4. Be with the child during treatment

Some parents do the mistake of leaving their child all alone with the dentist. This can be quite scary for your little one as a completely alien environment with scary-looking tools all around, plus the dentist poking in mouth something, all this might make the little one scared beyond words. Never let that happen and rather always be by your child throughout the treatment as this can keep them encouraged for treatment. Even if the dentist asks you to stay outside the room, plead with him/her to let you in so that the child does not feel worried during the treatment. Your presence can bolster the confidence of the child a lot.

5. Have reward in place for the child

Kids are sucker for rewards. You can dangle the incentive of something they like and get the work done easily. You can thus thing of rewarding them if they take their dentist appointment seriously and obey all what you say. Many parents resort to this tactic as it never fails. It’s all about keeping the child motivated as then he/she can do all what is the best interest of their health. As a parent, it’s also your duty to teach them the perils of ignoring dental visit always.


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