Quilting is one of the ancient techniques of making the material thicker by stitching three layers. The layers are quilt top, wadding, and backing and a professional quilter is expert in all these techniques. The quilt top consists of the main design which makes the material look attractive. Wadding is the thick cotton material, and backing supports wadding. These three layers are stitched together to form a quilt. Quilting has been one of the finest techniques in making the material unique, useful and attractive. Basically, quilting is made when four blocks of fabrics are taken and then stitched together.

Basic quilting techniques that a quilter uses:

1. Hand Quilting

Hand Quilting is one of the older techniques in quilting. It is done by stitching four pieces of cloth by hand. In this, the quilter inserts the needle into the cloth and then it pulls it at the back side of the cloth and then ties a knot. In hand quilting, we can customize and stitch according to our convenience.

2. Machine Quilting

In machine quilting, the sewing machine is used here. It is very quick and time efficient. It is used to stitch layers together.

Five different styles of quilting:

1. Pieced or Patchwork Quilts:

In this style, several fabric pieces are stitched together to make one fabric material. It can use any styles like block, strips or any other design as per demand. In this style, we are free to use any shapes or design (we can customize it in our way).

2. Applique Quilts:

This has been one of the old styles of quilting. In Applique style, we are free to use any design or shape of our desire. In this style, shapes are stitched by hand or sewing machines. We can cut into any shape from different fabric and stitch it on the background cloth.

3. English Paper Piecing:

It is one of the oldest methods of quilting. This style is in practice since the 18th century. Here, an individual paper is being cut into different templates to exact shape and size. The fabric is then wrapped, greased and pressured. It is whip-stitched to have various pieces together.

4. Memory and Photo Memory Quilts:

Photo Memory Quilts is a unique style where we can preserve our memories in the fabric. It is on trend currently. Memory quilts can be made from any material and any piece of fabric. These are made to express grieve of those who have passed away.

5. Ray Quilt:

It is a unique, easy and stylish method of making quilts. They do not follow any pattern. It is the modern style of quitting. These are used in denim, fleece, and mix of fabrics.

Quilting is one of the unique and finest forms of art which is being practiced from ancient times. It is still being used worldwide. Being a quilter, it is imperative to practice more of these styles. To know more about quilting you can Google into best quilting blogs for more information and guidance.


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