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5 Use Cases of Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is the revolutionary technology that verifies a person in real-time through artificial intelligence. It is one of the widely used biometrics. The reason is the accuracy and frictionless process of this technology. Facial recognition has made its place in crime control, identity verification, legal, security, regulatory compliance, etc.

Face recognition technology screen the face of a person in real-time and matches it with a picture in records. It uses 3D depth perception for liveness detection and to identify the photoshopped or paperbacked photos. It detects and checks the unique contour pints to check that a paper-backed image is not used for verification. Liveness detection identifies minor facial movements like Eye blinking to check that a human being is making the verification. So, only the original person can gain access to an account, an online space or to a place.

Facial recognition is used for numerous purposes around the globe, below mentioned are some of the coolest and unusual use cases of facial verification.

Fraud Prevention

 Fraud prevention is part and parcel of every business and they often choose a proactive approach towards it. Fraud prevention systems designed for Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliance use face verification to identify if a person is actually what he claims to be. Face verification solution is integrated into KYC/AML screening solutions and it screens the face of a person in real-time and matches it with the face on identity document. “Shufti Pro” is one such solution that uses face verification in its fraud prevention services, namely KYC/AML screening solutions.

Customer Onboarding

Businesses use it to onboard secure clientele. Customers also prefer businesses with visible security features, like face verification. Face verification is used to verify the identity of customers before onboarding them. Also, it is used later on every time the customer makes a purchase or requests some transaction.

Businesses around the globe use identity verification solutions with face verification feature to identify their customers in real-time within seconds. The seamless and quick process of face verification makes it a strength of the business and enhance its market value and customer value.

Crime Investigation

Police departments in Newyork, Ohio, and several other states and countries are using face verification to identify the real culprit. They use street cameras to identify criminals among the common people and also they use it to collect a legit proof of the crime. FBI also uses it for crime investigation.

Social Causes

Social workers are using face verification to unite parents with children. Face verification is used by a social cause company “helping faces” to unite parents with their kidnapped or lost children. They use face verification to screen the face of a child with the pictures of lost children whose report has been filled. In this way, it is very easy to identify whose child he/she is, so rescued children are easily reconnected with their parents.

Security Purpose

Face recognition online is one of the most common features used when it comes to developing the strong security of a place. It is used at military bases, banks, and other high-security areas. It is considered a strong security feature as it delivers high-accuracy in results. Face verification detects minor differences as well and it is not possible for a person with a similar face to enter the premises.

To wrap up the businesses and other organizations are using face verification for several purposes but still, there is a huge potential margin in this technology. It is expected to become as common as cell phones and might replace physical ID cards. Businesses that adopt proactive risk-prevention measures are using face recognition to achieve high market  value.

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