Everyone gets worked up whenever they see their favorite outfit not fitting well. Or a stunning new outfit in the mall, that you can’t wear because of your body shape, irritates you?. But what can you do? Gym and exercise daily aren’t your cup of tea? Or you want something that can save time and isn’t that demanding?

Here’s a guide if you can relate to the above situations. These are simple and easy methods to get your body in shape for every outfit.

7 Easy Methods to Get Your Body in Shape

1.Tuck it up

If you can’t lose it instantly, hide it while you are in the process. There are a variety of body shapers available in the market, for your tummy, hips, breasts, and thighs.

These give extraordinary results in the sense that they don’t just tuck up your fat, but they shape it in an attractive way. A padded or push-up bra for your breasts, padded panties for your butt shaping and tummy tuckers for your stomach and back; all these available for instant benefits. Go buy one while you struggle to burn that fat.


Relax! Its nothing intense that you think. Yoga is the easiest thing you can do to remain healthy. You just need to figure out 2 or 3 positions (Asanas) for you that can help reduce fat from the desired body parts. For that, you can consult an expert or take help from the internet.

All you need for it is 30 minutes of time in the morning or evening. It not only helps losing weight but it has many side benefits too. It increases your metabolism, flexibility and keeps you positive throughout the day.

3.Go Green

“Eat Healthy.” The internet, people around you, doctors and fitness experts cannot stress this more to you. Eating healthy helps and it is proven!

Your excuses for them being boring and dull won’t do now. Green vegetables, multigrain breads, muesli, etc. has now been made tasty and interesting for you by food companies because they understand the demand of healthy food. I am not saying don’t eat anything else, but eating healthy 5-6 days a week is the simplest thing you could do for a perfect body. That growing tummy of yours can easily go in by this!  

4.Natural Digestion Processors

There are certain enzymes in your body that help burn fat. If they are ingested externally or are accelerated, they produce excellent examples of weight loss. They particularly affect the excess fat region naturally.

I am talking about the latest trend, apple cider vinegar. If chosen properly, this is natural, harmless and highly effective. Take a small amount (around 10 ml) of it every morning with a glass of warm water and you will instantly notice health benefits in a week.

There is a debate going around its usage, but most results show positive outcomes. It also has some other usages beneficial to the external body, so buying it would not be any loss.

5.Use your legs

Walk while you go to the grocery store. Use the stairs. Walk whilst you can!

Using your legs gives you the benefit of staying healthy and lose fat. Getting in good shape by only walking may be a longer process, but it’s permanent. You need not worry to regain any of it. Plus, you can stay away from this technology freak world for a while and try some cheerful walking sessions whilst working.

6.Burning fat made simple

Heard about sweat belts? That is the last thing I would recommend. But you can try them if you are really desperate to burn fat and do nothing.

It literally requires no effort. You just need to wear it and sit while you feel your precious fat go away. It is also a slow process and is useful or loose fat only. But it is the easiest!

7.Don’t try everything

Lastly, trying everything from the above list or your own methods altogether won’t work out well. Chose one or two methods that suit you and stick to it. Remember it may take time in some methods, but you always have the first tucking option while it does. Staying healthy isn’t and extracurricular, it’s a lifestyle. Build one!


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