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A definitive guide to Christmas in Kolkata: Unwind a new magical experience this year

What comes to your mind when you think of Kolkata? Durga puja may be the first thing that occupies your mind. But, other than Durga puja, Christmas grandeur in the city of joy is also popular all across the country. To celebrate Christmas in Kolkata, the city is all decked up with Chrismas decorations and the smell of baked goods fills the air. You can spot Christmas banners in every nook and corner of the city. Strands of lightings weaved above your head, and people dressed up in furry winter clothes and red Santa hats – the city becomes a photographer’s holiday hunt.

The spirit of Christmas is imbibed in the people of the city, and no one wants to miss the celebration of Christmas in Kolkata. Chrismas indicates the year ending, so it is also the time of homecoming. Not just in the city, even when you step out of the airport, you can feel the Christmas vibe. Going through the article will help you to get familiar with how you can celebrate Christmas in Kolkata.

Things to indulge in Kolkata this Christmas to Unwind a magical experience

There are several things to do while you celebrate Christmas in Kolkata. On Christmas eve, the city is all dressed up in Christmas attire, people clicking selfies and groupies in front of Christmas trees, children wearing Santa clause hats and the Christmas jingles everywhere. However, there are some mandatory activities to indulge in, this Christmas in Kolkata, to unwind a magical experience.

Merrymaking in Park street

Ask anyone in the city on how to celebrate Christmas in Kolkata, and they will direct you to Park street. The entire area turns into carnivalesque with Christmas decorations, lightings, people dressed up as Santa clause distributing gifts to children and a wide array of food stalls surrounding the locality.

You can also attend the Chrismas carnival, which stays for almost two weeks. If you are tired of Chrismas hopping, then, there are some legendary restaurants such as Peter Cat, Mocambo, Oly Pub etc., where you can visit to enjoy some savory delights.

Attend the midnight mass in heritage churches

This Christmas in Kolkata you can ample over to midnight mass at different heritage churches in Kolkata, for the sustenance of your soul. The oldest St.Paul’s Cathedral Church, nested in the southern limit of Maidan, is welcoming people for midnight mass from over 150 years now. The grandiose main hall, the stained glass windows, glowing candles along with reverberating hymns, attracts a large number of attendees. Further, you can attend midnight mass gathering in the city just a few kilometres away in the eminent Portuguese Chruch, St. James Church, popularly known as Bandel Church.

Soak the Christmas vibe at Bow Barracks

Bow Barracks resides between the area of Bow Bazaar police station and Hare street. This place is a stronghold of the Anglo-Indian community in the city. As December rolls in, you can feel the joy in the red-bricked Bow Barracks through hymns and carols. Some locals also sell homemade rose cookies, fruit cakes and vindaloo. If you visit here during Christmas, then don’t forget to pick some homemade wine.

Shopping at New Market 

What’s Christmas without gifts? The best place to shop for Christmas gifts and goodies in Kolkata is the Newmarket area. There are stalls outstretched in queue selling different Christmas decorations like trees, stars, bells. Trinkets, candles, cholates etc. During Christmas, the enthusiasm of the shoppers can be understood from the huge crowds. While buying gifts, don’t forget to bargain until you are satisfied with the price.

If you are planning to bake your Christmas goodies yourself, then New market is the place to find all the ingredients required for baking. In case you change your plan and decide to indulge in some Christmas special plum cake, you can visit confectionaries such as Nahom’s and Malick and Imperial Bakery. You can also taste some scrumptious pastries at a reasonable rate in these bakeries.

Do some cake mixing

Before baking the traditional style fruitcake, one needs to soak up all the dry fruits in rum and keep it aside for some days. Nowadays, several bakeries in Kolkata invites customers for cake mixing ceremony. You can take part in the cake mixing ceremony in different bakeries like the Lalit Great Eastern, Flurys and the Oberoi Grand etc. to welcome Christmas in Kolkata.

The cake is mandatory even to celebrate Christmas in Kolkata. When it comes to bringing cake at home, the opinion highly varies regarding which place is best. For some Christmas is not complete without a cake from Nahom’s, the oldest Jewish bakery in Kolkata. Others prefer high-class cakes from Flury’s or some like to have homemade cakes from Saldanha’s bakery.

Every festival in the city is celebrated with song and dance, with sharing food, love and joy. People step out of their religious boundaries and gather to celebrate the festivities. It is the Yuletide spirit, which makes Christmas in Kolkata so glorious.

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