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Academic Essays – A Guide

Essay writing is an essential component of a university curriculum. Hence, students are required to brush up their writing skills before they enrol themselves in an academic program. Moreover, they should possess an understanding of the different types of essays. Some of the important types of essays are mentioned below.

  1. Reflective essays: The reflective essay topics are usually not assigned to you as you have to think about the most memorable moment of your life or something that transpired change in you, and write in the essay. The emphasis should always be on feelings and emotions. They are highly contemplative, as you are required to express your emotions.

  2. Descriptive essays: As the name suggests, a descriptive essay is essentially supposed to describe things. From a fragrance of a body shower to the material used for a shirt, when it comes to writing a descriptive essay, you don’t eliminate any detail. The minute details that go unnoticed in other essays have to be acknowledged and described in depth in this particular essay.

  3. Compare and contrast essays: A compare and contrast essay is supposed to dwell on the distinguishing and similar characteristics of different things. When composing a compare and contrast essay, you should be concerned with describing the components in detail but in a way that the reader can distinguish it from another variable by the end of the essay.

  4. Cause and effect essays: In a cause and effect essay, the writer should be concerned with two things, the subject, and its effect. Therefore, try to analyse the various outcomes of an event. Consider all perspectives and go in-depth while filling out the main body of the content. The students are assigned a subjective topic, and they have to write down a cause and effect essay.

  5. Narrative essays: A narrative essay is usually written to tell a story. Therefore, a story has to have an impactful beginning and a powerful ending. The rhythm has to be consistent, and that comes with practice. Mostly narrative essays are assigned in a creative writing course, which is why you must channel your creative instincts and produce an imaginative and resourceful piece.

  6. Argumentative essays: As the name suggests, an argumentative essay has to present arguments or opinions that verify your stance on the topic. The sentence structuring has to be precise and grammatically correct. The tone should be passive aggressive, but also formal, assertive, and calm at the same time. Focus on making valuable arguments instead of beating around the bush.

  7. Expository essays: The expository essay is most commonly assigned to students as it is formal, strict with words, and focused on facts. It is important to brush up your skills in research as that will help you find accurate information from legitimate and authentic websites and course books.

  8. Persuasive essays: When you’re writing a persuasive essay, you should have a sense of urgency in your voice along with assertiveness, this will make your piece effective and impactful, and that is the main idea. In a persuasive essay, you are supposed to encourage the readers to understand your viewpoint and possibly change their mind.

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