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Beginner tips for Yoga

Yoga is the best fodder for the mind and body- this realization has hit a great many people, who are all in for experiencing it. However, not many people get the basics right; if they somehow do, other logistics go haywire, so here’s a complete guide for a novice who is ready to put his heart and soul into following the tips to perfect the practice of yoga.

Here are few guidelines that would help you make your yoga experience better

Well, to begin with, it not just about mere limb- torsion or postures but is a whole new domain of patiently working out, all the parts of the body, using correct breathing techniques, such that the body falls in sync with the mind and breath, thereby relaxing and refreshing it.

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One of the most basic tips for the beginners is to either find a genuinely qualified yoga teacher or to join an authentic yoga class or course. While the know- how, and methods etc. are readily available in the market in the form of videos, instruction booklets, DVDs, etc., a live demonstration is most preferable so that the tutors can guide physically and make corrections. In this way, you learn much better and are assured of knowing the nuances of this practice completely. This not only leads to perfection but an experienced teacher also prevents from getting injured too. Often people tend to copy the postures and end up learning it all wrong, so while they might be able to strike a pose, sustaining it would no be possible. This is where a professional instructor or practicing yoga in Rishikesh makes a difference by teaching the pose meticulously, and eliminating any scope of errors.

The next guideline to follow is to avoid preforming yoga immediately after heavy meals. In other words, eat light before attending a session of yoga. Ideally a gap of at least two hours should be maintained between your meal and a yoga session for optimum performance. Water may be sipped as required, but the intake of food should be minimum.

Another important requirement for the beginners is to wear loose and comfortable clothes so that it is easy for the body to move freely. Tight clothes often constrict the body parts and can lead to either pain or cramps in that area, or sometimes if the clothes are too tight then they tend to tear themselves. Also it is highly recommended to avoid wearing accessories too as they too hinder movement and create disharmony.

The fourth important tip for a beginner is carry your yoga mat and water bottle. Hygiene is the most important point that one should bear in mind, thus working out on your own mat, is not only a clean process but also makes you aware of the space around you. So using a mat while working on the yogic poses, makes you aware of your own boundaries and you don’t tend to bang into others or disturb them.

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The capacity of every human being varies from person to the other so another tip is to be aware of your own body limitationsand be patient with yourself. Yourendeavour to follow your yoga guru with precision is commendable but it is imperative to understand that the masters must have taken eons to perform the asanas accurately so even you will take time to master them, thus extreme patience is required. Once you have been practicing for few years, it would be recommended to join a yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. These course can help take your practice to another level.

Go Step by Step is the next tip that has to be considered. Performing an asana for the first time and not getting it right? You are required to break it into simple steps, and do it one at a time under expert supervision. This will enable flexibility in your body as working out in steps will prepare the body to perform the asana effortlessly.

Relaxation combined with agility is yet another requirement for beginners as this will help them master the asanas with utmost perfection. Whenever the body is stiff, it lacks the flexibility hence practicing yoga becomes very difficult, but with an agile body, the movement becomes supple. Relaxing the body for a few seconds after every asana and finally for a few minutes after the completion of the session is highly recommended to enhance the energy levels.

Another essential tip for beginners is doing warm-up exercises. Should you want to avoid injury or strain while performing yogic postures, certain preparatory exercises like neck rotation, eye exercises, shoulder and ankle movements etc. are to be done compulsorily. These movements help the body to prepare for the complex postures and add flexibility.

Practicing yoga on a daily basis for a set time period is the most plausible tip for a beginner. To get best results, it is advised to allot a specific time and practice yoga everyday regularly. You could fix a minimum of 15 minutes in the beginning and can increase the duration after continuing it for a month. Regular yoga practice not only inculcates a discipline but also has several other benefits both physically and mentally.

Cooling down is as important as warming up and it the perfect way of completing a session of yoga. After a session of an intense workout, cooling down asanas, particularly Shavasana is the best way to end it. It involves lying down on the stomach and ease the breathing for at least five minutes, and coming out of this pose gradually. Care should be taken to avoid brisk movements as it can disrupt the tranquillity.

Be prepared to experience soreness or pain in the beginning. Once you start doing yoga on a daily basis, initially the muscles have a tendency to become uptight and you might experience a stiffness which gradually fades away as you continue your practice on a regular basis.

Yoga has myriad benefits and is one of the many practices with bare minimum or no side effects at all. It is gaining prominence all over the world and people of all ages are keen on learning it. So the tips for beginners mentioned above are just perfect to get these avid learners started.

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