Hair extensions are a bride’s best friend. It is the dream of every woman to look stunning on her wedding day. The way you dress up your hair plays an important role in complementing your looks. Long luscious hair adds up to your personality. Therefore it’s a wise option to go for hair extension on your wedding. They give you longer and thicker hair which looks perfectly natural. Moreover, you can get a number of options when it comes to your wedding day hairstyle. These hair locks are packed in attractive hair extension boxes to make them more appealing for the customers. Hair extension boxes explain all the details about the nature of the product and its use. Depending upon the type of hair extension you can get stunning long hair for your wedding day, or till honeymoon or as far as up to 6 months of your wedding. However, if you need them only for your wedding day, clip-in hair extensions are the best option. Never forget to read the details on hair extension boxes before purchase. Guide your stylist a little about dream bridal hairstyle you want to have on your wedding. Below are some of the best options to help you out:

  1. Half up, Half down Hairstyle:

For making this hairstyle, you can either sew or clip-in the hair extensions. It is recommended to get them custom colored to match exactly with your original hair color. If you love highlights, they go for a different shade to make them prominent. Layer the beginning of your hair extensions in the back of your head. Use a four clip hair extension for the initial part. Part your hair again and install a next four clip hair extension. Take out them carefully from the custom hair extension boxes so that each strand does not lose its finish. Ensure that you have blended them properly with your natural hair. Using a curling iron, add curls to these hair locks. Complete each curl and use a bobby pin to hold the curls at their place. Pinning them helps you to set them at the last. Now remove the clips from the top of your head. All you have to do is to make your top knot popping. Using a rubber band, tie up all your hair. If the hairs are long enough, you may use them to create a cute messy topknot by wrapping them around your ponytail. If not, use hair extensions. Clip them to the base and wrap them around the ponytail. Now remove the bobby pins from the underneath hair. Pass fingers through them gently. Use the hair spray to keep them at the place. You are perfect to walk on the aisle!

  1. Up-do With Extensions:

Curl the hair extensions with the help of a curling iron before installing them. Once you have curled all of them, clip them strategically in your natural hair where you want to add length, color or volume. You are going to create an elegant updo for the wedding day. Run the fingers through the curls for loosening them. This makes them soft and flowy. Take the front side of the hair with the fingers. Maintain the loose wavy shape of the curls. Gently twist your hair towards the scalp. Bring them to the mid-section of your head and fix them with a bobby pin. If you have done the first step properly, the next one will be easy for you. Now take some of your hair just below the part you pinned. Twist them up to intersect the first pinned section. Pin them at the place end of the first section. Divide the remaining hair into two parts. Take this unpinned hair, roll them and clip them on the twist. Now grab some of the pre-styled hair locks out of the packaging for hair extensions. You can add them onto your hairstyle to add more volume on the top. Finish off with a hair spray. It’s a lovely hairstyle which can be maintained until the last dance of the day.

  1. High Bun:

Straighten your hair. Take clip-in hair extensions with four clips on them. Clip them upwards instead of downward. Do not worry if it looks crazy. As you are styling your hair for a high bun so it will look great at the end. Continue to place your clip-ins in the same way with your remaining hair. It is recommended to use 4-clip clip-in for the lower and middle section and 2-clip clip-in for the crown. Use a single clip clip-in for the front hair. All this is to shape the high bun correctly. Brush up your hair up to the right position of the bun. Use a rubber band to tie up all your hair. Roll them slightly at the top of your head. Fix the edges underneath the rubber band by using bobby pins to make it stable. You might have to use a hair spray side by side to fix the hair strands around the bun.

  1. Straight Hair Style:

This style looks simple, graceful and elegant. Part your hair from the middle and make a braid pattern. Braid down from the sides beginning in the front. Connect the braid ends to the back. At this point, you have four to six braids on every side depending upon the thickness of your hair. Now grab your favourite hair and start installing the hair extensions without cutting. It is suggested to use the full length as given in printed hair extension boxes. Make sure that you fix the longest bundles first. Start installing from back to front. Continue to install the extensions until no hair is left. At this point, straight up your hair with a flat iron and a comb. Start adding layers in front by cutting at the required angle from shorter to longer. Use hairspray for adding more sheen and sleekness.




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