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Common Slot Myths Decoded

The casino world, online and on-land both, is filled with superstitious players. An element of luck is always associated with every type of casino.

Playing Slots

Playing Slots is popular among the players, the world over. Some players have preferences for different types of Slots and their strategies, tactics, and beliefs. Others get influenced by myths that dominate the game.

Let us have a look at some of these common myths.

A Slot player is superstitious! They choose their matches as per some beliefs that are not necessarily true. Some of them are:

“Loose” Slots and “tight” Slots

“Tight” Slots get this name because players think that they get more wins and jackpots as compared to some other machines named “Loose” Slots. Due to RNG, this myth does not hold any ground.

Three-reel Slots lead to lesser wins

It is a widespread belief that Three-Reel Slot machines pay less than their other variants. In reality, the amount and frequency of the payouts depend on the RTP (payback percentage) and volatility.

Higher winning chance by Pressing “Max Bet” Button

The myth: all that can surely happen by pressing the “Max Bet” button is losing more money. The button is installed to save you from manually entering the bet amount. Keep in mind that due to RNG, the outcome of every spin is random and, hence, this myth does not hold true.

Playing slots at night brings more money

It comes from the early days of traditional gambling. People think that playing at night increases the chances of winning. But this is not true! All winnings, irrespective of day or night, are paid out evenly.

It is better to change the Slot after a big win

Players generally believe that if someone has cracked a big win or a jackpot on a Slot machine, the next big haul will take some time, and hence, change the device.

Software Developers have a hand in allotting jackpots

It is one of the most controversial myths, but there is no substantial evidence to prove it. Logical thinking tells us that this could not be true as Software Developers do not tend to gain anything from this.

Online casinos make the Slots less profitable

Well, this myth becomes stronger in the case of unlicensed casinos that might offer fake games or delayed payments. But most of the online casinos are licensed and play a fair game.

The temperature of the coin can influence the win

Many superstitious gamers believe that the temperature of the coin can influence the Slot machine and meddle with the numbers coming out. But this is a big myth.

Casinos change the payout rate

This myth gains popularity because gamers believe payouts are a very tedious, technical, and expensive process, tampered with by casinos. The factor predetermines the RNG (Random number generator) chip and payout rate. So, do not believe in such myths.

An expert can predict the chances of winning

It is a false myth! Wining does not depend only on the machine; it also involves the luck factor. Secondly, the winning combinations are generated randomly by the RNG system.

Casinos hide higher payout Slot machines

The location of a Slot machine does not influence your chances of winning at all. The casino management considers each player equal, and each machine the same. They all have the same payout probability.

Change the venue if nobody hits the jackpot

No one can predict when and where some lucky player is going to hit the jackpot and make a big win. Changing the venue does not guarantee a big success. Changing machines cannot change your luck.

Use of cryptocurrencies is unsafe

Playing a game in an online casino with cryptocurrency is the same as playing with traditional currencies. Blockchain Technology is one of the safest tools for online transactions. Your cryptocurrencies remain safe in a unique e-wallet in any online casino.

It is not possible to win on free play

For a Slot machine, both free play and real money play are the same. The computer does not have any mechanism of knowing whether it is free or real money play.

Slots pay less on Fridays and Saturdays

There is no end to human imagination and neither to the belief. It is a total humbug as it is hard and time-consuming to change the payout ratios of a machine for two days.

The list will go on and on. While playing a Slot on an online casino, think about the fun, and the safe betting. Myths cannot change your luck or influence your skills.

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