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Creating a Flashy Kitchen Interior by Using Custom Cut Glass & Mirror

Custom cut glass and mirror isn’t only restricted for windows, doors, or bedrooms, but in fact, it’s minimalist and luxurious charm can be used to pour life into the interior of your kitchen. We all know that updating and renovating a kitchen can be extremely expensive, and while we adore skimming through DIY projects on Pinterest, doing a high-end job is simply not that easy.  

Custom cut glass and mirror is quite simply your easiest and least expensive strategy to renovate your kitchen and give it a sleek and flashy, Old Hollywood-style charm without spending thousands of dollars. You simply have to enlist the assistance of an experienced professional, and with custom cut glass shelves, mirror cabinets and sleek countertops, you can enjoy the pleasure of walking into a brand-new kitchen without breaking your budget.

It’s quite simple, just do away with all the rustic wood and steel, and replace it all with custom cut glass and mirror, and voila-your entire kitchen will be gleaming brand-new energy. The best part is when working with customized glass; homeowners can enjoy a wide range of variety and customization, as they choose between etched varieties, clear glass, and even frosted mirroring.

The opportunities are endless and we strongly urge you to look beyond the box and dive into your pools of creativity to discover how spectacular you want your new kitchen to look like. In order to inspire you, we have picked out some exciting ideas for renovating your kitchen.
Here, take a look:

Glass Tabletops to give sleek look

A spectacular idea to give your kitchen a sleek and edgy, ultra-modern vibe, tabletops made with custom cut glass and mirror will create a powerful aura of minimalism. It exudes a graceful vibe, and since they are transparent, they also allow the room to appear much breezier and more spacious, as opposed to large wooden furnishings, which take up too much space and always appear to be cluttered.

Glass tabletops, be it a dining table, a kitchen breakfast nook or a coffee table, will give your kitchen a sleekly polished appeal, alongside attracting more light to make space airy and well-lit. These tabletops are particularly a great idea for food bloggers who take a lot of pictures and videos in the kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets for modern space

One of the greatest reasons why we outgrow our kitchen spaces and feel desperate to renovate is the worn-out look of wooden kitchen cabinets. After a period of time, even the most textured and exquisitely carved kitchen cabinets lose their luster, causing the entire space to look dainty and unexciting.

Luckily, you can spice things up by swapping the traditional cabinet doors with custom cut glass and mirror, the easiest way to add more character and glamour to your kitchen. If you don’t want to go all-out, why not mix up some glass and wood for a dramatic effect?

Be creative with glass shelves 

Shelves generally take up a lot of space and the more the merrier because who doesn’t need the extra storage space? But since they take up a lot of space on the wall, they dominate the décor of your kitchen and if you want to make some dramatic changes, the best way is to install custom cut glass shelves that you find appealing.

These glass shelves will work wonders at energizing the display of your kitchen décor, alongside inviting more light into space. You can always play around with different kinds of textured glass varieties, including stained, etched and decorative glass amongst others. Remember, there are countless ways to get creative and add more vibrancy to your space.

Backsplash Glass on kitchen wall

A backsplash glass is indeed one of the most functional installations in any kitchen, but if you look closely, it is also one of the features that dominate the mood of your kitchen interior. If you change the glass with a reflected or textured custom cut glass and mirror, you can completely turn around and energize the vibe of your kitchen space. It will create a powerfully minimalist appeal, stealing the show with its ultra-modern charm.

You can choose your pick between plain mirrors, which always work wonders at creating a high-end luxe appeal, while textured, delicately painted glass and other varieties will also compliment the look that you are trying to create.

Make kitchen airy and lighted

If you are hoping to make a massive change without going overboard on your budget, the best way is to work around the kitchen windows. Aside from the artificial lighting, the windows are the greatest source of light in your kitchen, and if your homely kitchen has farmhouse-style wooden windows, it’s high time to get rid of them.

Keeping up with the latest interior trends, it is important to use custom cut glass and mirror to create sleek and polished windows, which are also super functional. Glass windows will invite ample natural light to flow through your kitchen, and the adjacent dining or eating space, without eliminating your privacy.

You have an abundance of creative alternatives to explore, and custom cut glass and mirror is truly a material that will allow you to personalize the space and explore creative ways to allow light to enter your kitchen and play up its surroundings.

A Kitchen Mirror

Majority of the homeowners never actually think about installing a mirror in their kitchen because mirrors are always regarded as symbols of vanity. How wrong! Mirrors are the easiest, most budget-friendly tool to give any room an ultra-modern vibe marked with modern minimalism.

If you detest your kitchen and find the space to be awfully cramped and cluttered, adding a mirror on the wall opposite from the windows is the answer to all your qualms. You see, adding a mirror to this strategic location will not only invite more natural light, but it will also give your kitchen a more breezy, spacious and airy appearance.

By reflecting more sunlight, a mirror will make your kitchen appear much more spacious than it already is. Especially when your mirror is installed opposition to the window, it will create an illusion of ample outdoor space and many windows. Isn’t that spectacular?

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