The interior designer — who calls himself a ‘mix of influences’ — has shaped himself in the streams of textile, fashion and commerce. Inspired by Tom Ford and Karl Lagerfeld, Sanjyt Syngh admires the flavours in their versatile work.

Sanjyt Syngh, who has transformed many homes into heaven; has created his own shelter of peace. Of course, he has done exceptional magic with his innate and intuitive sense of designing. Let’s peep into his space adorned with fascinating furniture, artwork, and sculpture.

Packed with Sanjyt’s taste and requirement, this space is an expression of his mood and feelings. Adorned with the pieces and inspiration he has collected in his travels from the perspective of an interior designer.

The 2400-square foot apartment was just an unoccupied clear space only with sunlight and air when Sanjyt Syngh saw it for the first time. This fortunate space is encompassed with a living room, a dining room, two bedrooms, a huge TV room, a guest room, a kitchen, and 4 bathrooms. Located in Saket, New Delhi, Constructed with gold marbles, area rugs, wood and gypsum, this project has done by Designer’s Domain.

The entrancing layout is designed with an incredible connection within itself without any interference with each other. Well, when this well-connected space is not clashing with each other, Sanjyt has taken it as an advantage and defined every area with a new language.
Sanjyt decided to not have an end result in mind when he started; he just went in the flow of his organic creativity. Although he has always prepared a clear presentation for his clients, he wanted to go without being tied with any plan. But this time, he preferred to experiment without any restriction of a planned outline. In this experience, he has also realized that taking a decision for his own client is easier than picking any idea for his home. That’s why he ended up breaking all the norms of interior designing to bring the desired intriguing look.

A mocktail of intense and dazzling colors are used, from blue and green to red and gold. A warm and tender feel is infused with these highlights and shadows. Colors have been extremely important to Sanjyt. As he has selected them by revisiting his childhood where got many situations to fall in love with colors and textures. He has been experiencing garment designing home furnishing and visual merchandising from a very young age. All these things made him a good observant of trends and patterns.

Sanjyt Syngh does not like repeating his designs being an interior designer, once he created a look, there is not going to be another one like that. He is quite stubborn for maintaining uniqueness in his work. His attention to all those small details that play a big role is his secret to his eye-catching creation. After all, space is a mix of small elements where every element has its own significance. The look of a chandelier or the color of a candle; according to him, everything matters equally. The pieces he has collected while traveling like metallic shoe flower vase by Maxim Velcovsky, cushions from Europe, Clonette Dolls by Lammers, etc adjust the overall tone meticulously.

His expertise in interior styling and artwork installation is evident in his every project, but here he has expressed his overall love to indoor styling. He believes that every room has a role to play and a language to speak. That’s why the makeover of that space must define its identity.

Let’s come to furniture, which is a compelling combination of store-bought and custom made. This has also witnessed an effort to maintain the consistency of uniqueness. When it came to the final touch of lightening, Sanjyt decided not to interrupt the way of sunlight. That’s why preferred to install the lights which can complement nature. The high tech automation system has been installed to create a different mood at different times.

Eclectic Luxe is the name in which Sanjyt wants to describe his style creation, where he mixed the flavor of surprise in every corner. What came at the end has surpassed the Sanjyt’s expectation from himself. He made it clear that no other space is going to be defined with the same language by him. Every corner comprises art, furniture and sculpture are expressing a different feeling. If you want to decode this style, you just need to know how to break all the norms of the conventional interior designers.

So this is where the internationally acclaimed interior designer actually cultivates his imagination.


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