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During the Coronavirus Outbreak, Things to do at Home

During this pandemic, if you’ve been stuck at home with plenty of free time, there are many things to do. Social distancing doesn’t cost that money, and these online things are even free. Here are many apps, including much of stuff to do and to learn at home.

Top Educational Apps:

Top Educational Apps

In this abundance of free time, it is an excellent opportunity for you to learn something new or take up a new hobby. If you are ready to do this, then this is the place for you.

Swift Playgrounds, macOS and iPad teaches you how to code Swift through fun and intuitive games. If you want to learn to code Swift, now is your chance.


It provides fun, quick lessons in over 94 different language courses in 23 languages. Now it’s a good time for you to start learning another language or polishing your skills.

Khan Academy:

Khan Academy has thousands of free of cost lectures and practices on everything from grammar to science. If you find any difficulty on any topic or want to learn some new one, then this is a great site for your learning and gaining some new skills.


Udemy is an app with thousands of video lectures on a wide range of topics, from singing courses to event planning. Most classes aren’t free, though they are affordable. But there are still free options available.

iTunes U:

It allows anyone with an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to learn from an extensive collection of free education content. Either you are in school, university, museums, and cultural institute.


If you’re looking for an extensive collection of public domain media, then Archive.org is the best bet for you. It has millions of public domain TV shows, books, songs, magazines, and more. If you’re feeling bored, then you can also use Wayback Machine feature to snoop on what your dream sites looked like way back in the day?


The site best for the students who are worried about falling behind on language courses. Now they can keep up with their studies on their own time. Babbel is three months’ free access to its app offering students enrolled in schools and colleges of the U.S. It offers 14 languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Turkish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Indonesian, and English.

Top Fitness and wellness App

Your main concern should always be taking care of your health and wellness, no matter what’s going on in the foreground. For this, several outstanding apps can help you work out indoors or find some zeal in your chaos.

Down Dog:

If you’re stuck inside, you should consider Yoga to get some fitness exercise as it eases anxiety. Down Dog has made its premium membership free to all users across its apps.


Science has proven that meditation practice can reduce stress and anxiety. Headspace has made most of its meditation collections free of cost due to the ongoing pandemic. Even Healthcare workers can also get a full subscription for free.


You can download this app for free download for the next two weeks. CARROT Fit fitness app is with short workouts, and plenty of snark sounds up your alley.


Peloton is known for its pricey fitness equipment, but its app offers different types of workouts in audio and video across that you can use it without the latest bike. Also, The Company is offering a free 90 day trial to new users.


Popsugar has made ACTIVE app, available for free. It aims to help users keep active for lockdown days. It has many video workouts, photo tutorials, treadmill workouts, and more.Balance:

If you’re feeling stressed out, Balance is offering a free one-year subscription to their personalized meditation app. To regain the subscription, you need to email [email protected] for instructions.


Sanvello is a digital care app that gives you tests for self-assessment and mood tracking and coping tools. The service is providing free premium access to users as long as COVID-19 remains a national emergency.

Kids’ apps

Kids are even having an especially tough time during the coronavirus outbreak and not know what to do during their leisure time. These apps and activities can help to ease the boredom that comes along with social distancing.


In the event that your little one is feeling the loss of their companions set them up on a virtual playmate utilizing Caribu. It capacities like FaceTime, but it also offers on-screen activities, including reading books together, cooperative drawing, and playing games. It’s normally of $7, but service is free during the outbreak and does not require any credit card.


Kinedu is a great way to gain early learning skills for your toddler at home. Kinedu helps parents to generate daily activity plans, offers tips, and hosts more than 450 articles about rapid childhood development. The service is free for this pandemic.

Time for Kids:

Time is launching their app for kid’s digital library, free for the rest of the school year. It includes worksheets, tools for teaching, and quizzes for family members and educators.


There are plenty of free of cost games on the app store, but we suggest some expensive ones that have been made free since the Novel Coronavirus break.

Alto’s Odyssey:

It’s a popular snowboarding game with fluid physics and smooth gameplay, and it’s free for its users.


Prune is a basic riddle game with striking Japanese illustrations and extraordinary music. Players use a sword to trim a rapidly growing tree carefully.

Top Ebooks, Audio Books, and Graphic Novels

As a book reader, here are some options for you, whether you prefer reading an ebook on a tablet or an audiobook.


It is now offering a 30-day free trial. They offer millions of ebooks, magazines, audiobooks, and more.


Best app for the fans of underground literature. Wattpad is a community that allows writers to publish new content across different genres, giving them a platform to have their works read.

Comic Chameleon:

If you’re a webcomic fan, it’s time for you to check out Comic Chameleon. It has some of the top webcomics, like Questionable ContentXKCDDinosaur Comics, and Girls With Slingshots.


University and college students are well familiar with JSTOR. It’s an academic resource that contains a plethora of ebooks and journals. Now, JSTOR is making its library accessible to the public without academic credentials.

Top Music apps:

Here are several apps that are excellent for any level of music player, Whether you’re a professional musician or just want to learn to play a few chords while you’re social distancing.

Korg Kaossilator:

The app lets any level of user make tracks by layering beats and loops on top of each other. It usually costs $20, but now it’s free through March 31.


GarageBand is a free Apple-produced app with plenty of instruments, sounds, and loops to play around with.

Creative apps

Creative application is not free or even affordable. However, we’re monitoring any unique offers that the significant players like Affinity and Adobe have during this time.

Affinity by Serif:

Serif includes Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher, free to use for three months.


Zencastr is removing limits for its free hobbyist plan during the Coronavirus outbreak. It allows users to host as many guests as they want and unlimited recording time.

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