There are plenty of sellers that claim to sell products that will make your home a healthier and happier place. Most of the time, your efforts of making home a great place turn out like a scam is taking place. However, on rare occasions, the sellers might be genuine. One product that always falls into this category is the Himalayan crystal salt lamp. Himalayan salt lamps have been advertised as healthy by many individuals with the only problem being that they can be faked. The advantages of these salt lamps are quite attractive and will entice anyone to check out the product.

Benefits of Real Himalayan Salt Lamps

The word “real” is emphasized because there are plenty of fake salt lamps circulating the market. Pure Himalayan salt lamps are great for decorative purposes, and this is just a small portion of their capabilities. Aside from the ambient lighting, the salt lamps are also responsible for cleaning the air. Individuals with allergies will appreciate the benefits that the salt lamps will offer them as they remove impurities from the air. Many individuals also report that installation of the Himalayan salt lamps in their homes allows them to sleep well and also to feel better and more energetic.

Fake vs. Real Himalayan Salt Lamps 

One sure way to know if the Himalayan salt lamp you own is fake is when you do not experience any of the benefits. However, other faster ways will let you know if you did get a genuine product. Moisture impacts Himalayan salt lamps greatly, and you will notice that the salt lamp is sweating. If your salt lamp is not sweating, then chances are the product that you have is fake. There are other signs that your Himalayan salt lamps that will be addressed below. Thus, the knowledge that salt lamps can have a fake replica should provide the realization that you should carefully consider your supplier. Choosing a trusted supplier is the difference between having a regular lamp and a salt lamp that guarantees you the benefits that are widely advertised.

What You Should Know Before Purchasing Himalayan Salt Lamps

The size of the salt lamps you want is important and will be the key to finding a perfect salt lamp that complements the room. The size of the salt lamp should be in relation to the size of the room. The shape of the Himalayan crystal salt lamps is also key in helping you to decide what you want to purchase. The salt lamps can be either natural organic or can be made into different shapes. The salt lamps can be shaped as candle holders and at other times can be shaped into a bowl shape. Whatever you choose will be reliant on your preferences. 

Signs that a Himalayan Salt Lamp is Fake

These salt lamps are very fragile, and once you find a salt lamp that is intact after high falls, then you definitely have a fake salt lamp. If your salt lamp survives collisions on several occasions, the likelihood is that it is fake.

Another sign is the amount of light the salt lamp emits. If a salt lamp emits a bright light, then it is fake. Himalayan salt lamps will not illuminate a room completely. Rather, the light that these salt lamps give is usually irregular, and if it does not do this, then most likely the product is fake.

Another sign that the Himalayan salt lamp is fake is by their price. White crystals are expensive, and getting them for a low price is a sign that the product is not genuine.

One way that individuals use to tell whether a Himalayan salt lamp is genuine is by taking note of the origin of the crystal. Pakistan is the area known for the pure Himalayan salt lamps. You should also know that the label may say Pakistan, but it may be further from the truth.

Sellers with a poor return policy may hint at the fact that they are dealing with fake Himalayan salt lamps. The Himalayan salt lamps are usually fragile and can be damaged even during transit. Hence, flexible return policy will be a trait of a seller dealing with pure Himalayan salt lamps.

Where to buy salt lamps

Many sellers are advertising how genuine their salt lamps are. This makes it difficult to know which seller you should trust. Purchasing Himalayan salt lamps is fragile activity as you could end up with a lump of hard rock with no benefits to your home. Fab Mirror and Glass is one seller that you can trust to provide you with real Himalayan salt lamps. This seller will allow you to check out the products that you want from an online platform. This means that from the comfort of your home, you will purchase the perfect salt lamp for your home. Fab Mirror and Glass will deliver high-quality salt lamps at a short period of time. Other sellers will also ensure that you get genuine Himalayan salt lamps with short delivery times. Himalayan Salt Shop is two online sellers that can be trusted.

Purchasing a fake Himalayan salt lamp means that you will not be able to enjoy the associated benefits of a pure Himalayan salt lamp. Practising precautions when purchasing the Himalayan salt lamps is good behaviour that will ensure you live a better and healthy life.


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