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Five Little-Known Things to do in Ohio

When people think of Ohio, they think of two different things. People either think of the few cool things that the state has to offer, such as the rock and roll hall of fame or Cleveland’s favorite sports teams. Or people think of the flat farmlands and cornfields. 

Most people, likely including yourself, broadly categorize Ohio as a dull state with a few cool things, and that’s it. What you fail to see are the cool things that fly under the radar. These activities make Ohio what it is. 

The Cincinnati Subway

The Cincinnati Subway

Despite incredible real estate prices and beautiful houses for sale in Cincinnati, many cool hidden places are a blast to explore. For example, there is a great historical monument within this city’s roots, literally. After World War I, the Cincinnati subway’s construction had begun. 

One of the least known Ohio pieces lies in this subway, but it is also one of the coolest things to explore. Unfortunately, it is illegal to go down there without permission. But, if you are lucky enough, there are city administered tours where you can look and explore the tunnels.

Hocking Hills 

Hocking Hills 

This state park is most famously known for its mysterious caves and beautiful landscape. That being said, the word “famously” applies to the niche of people who know about this incredible place. When most unfamiliar people see a picture of Hocking Hills National Park, they don’t believe that it is in Ohio. 

Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magic

Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magic

For all you harry potter fans out there, this is a cool spot to see some mystic arts monuments. This monument to all wizards, witches, and warlocks is found in the heart of Cleveland. “The mistake on the lake” should use some of the wizardry found in this museum to erase its name. 

Mansfield memorial museum

Mansfield memorial museum

This museum is home to one of the most emotionless robots you will ever meet, Elecktro. Elecktro is most famously known for crossing the border into Canada, cigarette in mouth, ready to rock n’ roll. This robot is a walking talking icon, and he is found right in Ohio.

Other exciting things found in this museum are local aviation studies and unique military history.

The World’s Longest, “Haunted,” Jail Cell

Found in Mansfield, this single jail cell has 600 separate cells for all of its inmates. Some of these individual cells can be explored, and for the fearless soul, you can even spend the night in a haunted section. 


Even though one of Ohio’s most influential and popular cities is called “the mistake on the lake,” there is more this state has to offer than mediocre sports and rock n’ roll. The real substance in this state lies within these hidden gems that you have to explore to find. 

To get a complete understanding of Ohio, you have to submerge yourself in the spots that most people look away from. Some of the major cities in Ohio have a lot of substance within them; it just lies beneath the surface; it only takes a little digging.

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