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How are Chatbots changing the healthcare sector?

When we talk about the history behind the healthcare system and facility in India, we see that the Indian constitution guarantees the opportunity of free healthcare services to all the citizens out there. If we just take a look at the history of healthcare that’s been there in India, we will see how India has had the best and the most outstanding hospitals since 232 BC. At that very time period, the study of medicine was not only flourishing, it was also growing. The British era saw the construction of various hospitals and now as we’re in the 21st century, we see how private chains in the healthcare sector have been innovating at a very rapid rate by using chatbots services in healthcare industry, offering low cost and high quality treatment.

As we see an increased growth in the technology, we see how it’s gradually affected all kinds of sectors all over the world. Technology has also affected healthcare and has changed the way we look at treatment, research and disease control. Technology has helped the healthcare sector by improving ways of treatment and also by saving cost and time and giving better accessibility to more and more people.

Newest trends

In one of the latest trends in the market, it has been seen how healthcare has changed along along with the way people manage their overall health. Wearable technology has shot up in the fitness and wellness market and numerous tech giants are making great use of it by incorporating IT and health features into the mobile devices. According to the facts infront of us, we can see that the growth in technology has also seen growth in the field of nanotechnology and artificial intelligence which has made a hell lot of difference in the healthcare sector.

Artificial intelligence in the healthcare sector

  • Nowadays, numerous AI chatboats can successfully give accurate results about health concerns which has made us realize how technology has changed our lives for good. The chatbots have allowed millions to address health issues and has given them guidance to get it treated. There are various possibilities out there where AI assistants can reach out to help nurses, doctors and patients for better healthcare facilities, but how it’s implemented, makes all the difference.
  • Quite recently, a hospital which is one of the very renowned ones launched a chatbot on their website. This bot now helps any vistor on the website with information related to doctors, departments, apointments, careers, bookings and numerous other things. The chatbot is very capable of understanding any user enquiries related to career, appointment and disease and further replies accordingly. This further helps the hospital and does so by saving on customer support time. Making such tasks automatic, not only is time saved but it’s also a huge advancement in the healthcare sector in India.

There are numerous tasks that are best performed by healthcare chatbots. The chatbot for healthcare schedulea appointments, they can answer queries related to doctors and hospitals and can be useful when it comes to sending reminders to patients. They also help to treat a patient’s disease based on their symptoms. They can be used for patient engagement.

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