There are many people who think that voluntary work is worthless. Well, if you are one of them then you should definitely change your thinking. You have no idea how voluntary work turns out to be the magic in lives of needy people. A single act of kindness turns out to be the biggest turning page of someone’s life.

It is not about them, but you too!

You might have the misperception that voluntary work is helpful for the people who get the help right? Well, voluntary tasks do help them extensively but it also helps the volunteer. If you are the volunteer and you have joined up something like Selfless service ngo, there are many things you would earn from it. These things would be priceless and really game changing for you. Have a look at some of them below:

A better human being

It might sound like a philosophical thing but once you get into the voluntary tasks you become a better human being. You experience the pains, aches and problems of people. You get to know about how people are leading their lives with a smile on their face even on those adverse circumstances. For example, you would be surprised to see that families who lost their homes in floods or earthquakes are actually leading a life with hope in their eyes and smile on their lips. Their attitude towards life will help you become a better human being.


You know what you might crib about less expensive clothes, less luxurious cars or the low model of gadgets you are using; but have you ever thought about people who don’t have any of these things? Of course, you might feel that you have worked really hard to get what you have right? But do you know what there are people and communities that work day in and day night but end up with nothing much in hand. They too had simple homes but those brushed in floods. What do you think about such people? Don’t you feel lucky that you have much more? Now, when you help such people in getting the basic standard of life, the happiness you get is immense. You gain the gratitude that was missing from your life. You’re prospective towards things changes entirely.

Priceless Happiness

Happiness comes from your own actions. Maybe you get that temporary happiness from clothes, dinners or long holidays; but the happiness that you get from voluntary tasks is endless. You feel happy every day, every moment that you did something that cannot be measured. You changed the lives of people for better. Before you go to bed at night, you would have the contentment that you helped people who have nothing to give you in return. You would be so proud of yourself and this thing will give you a life full of happiness.


So, you should look out for volunteer organizations in India and join one to give your assistance. Your efforts can change lives.


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