Piles are a result of swollen and inflamed veins that causes discomfort. Your doctor can diagnose the occurrence of the disease by analyzing the symptoms suffered by an individual. The symptoms of piles may include an itchy, red and sore anal region causing pain while defecating. One can also observe a certain amount of bleeding while passing stool.

Diagnosis of piles

A doctor can ask for following tests and examination in order to rule out the suffering from piles.

  1. Visual inspection –Your doctor can insert a finger into the rectum with a lubricated glove and feels whether there are any lumps or hard masses present in that area. This digital examination can help the doctor understand the situation and suggest proper treatment.

  2. Digital examination – Sometimes it is difficult to find any hemorrhoids through visual inspection because the internal hemorrhoids are too soft to be felt during a rectal exam. So, the doctor conducts a digital examination where he/she uses an endoscope to examine the lower portion of the colon and rectum.

  3. Your doctor may also examine the entire digestive system through colonoscopy in order to rule out if there is a problem due to any digestive system disease or colorectal cancer.

Treatment of Piles

Piles are a very common problem in India affecting lots of individuals. But many people feel reluctant to talk about their condition and continue to suffer for prolonged periods leading to complications. Most of them are also afraid of invasive surgical procedures and do not try out getting treated through them. Many people are happy to try alternative therapies that can only bring temporary relief from the symptoms. However, Pristyn laser care clinic offers a wide range of laser treatment surgeries that utilizes modern techniques with minimally invasive procedures.

Treatment of piles through laser surgery

Laser Surgery is one of the most advanced and modern treatment options available to treat hemorrhoids permanently. People who are suffering from piles and scared to undergo surgery can find relief through laser surgery which is a less painful, highly effective and minimally invasive surgical procedure.

The procedure for piles laser treatment surgery involves the passing of laser energy in a precise and accurate manner on the submucosal haemorrhoidal nodes. The laser energy is passed through a radial fibre which is inserted into the rectum and with the help of digital examination the nodes are located. The laser energy shrinks the cells present in the hemorrhoids and cuts down the blood supply to the haemorrhoidal tissue causing its natural death. The whole procedure is carried out under anesthesia and no cut is made throughout the procedure. With laser surgery, there are zero chances a person is susceptible to recurrence or prolapse of the disease. The procedure is very simple and short which can be completed within a few minutes allowing the patient to go home the same day.

Advantages of Laser Surgery treatment for piles

The traditional methods used for treating piles may require quite more attention and is also an invasive technique where the chances of recurrence are quite more. But laser surgery is the most effective with more benefits compared to other techniques.

  • There is no pain during and after the surgery.

  • One can find faster recovery from piles, the same day.

  • There is no need to stay in the hospital for prolonged periods.

  • Minimal invasive technique with negligible chances of recurrence.

  • No diet and physical activity restrictions after the procedure.

  • A patient is highly satisfied and happy with the treatment.


  1. Where to find the best laser specialists for piles treatment.

Proctology Clinic is the one where one can find a solution for their pile’s treatment. Also, Pristyn care laser clinic is one of the best proctology clinics with a wide range of laser specialists working together. It promotes treating their patients with LASER energy for various anorectic conditions like piles, fistula, fissures and etc.

  1. Is laser energy treatment approved in India?

Treatment through Laser technique is approved by USFDA in India. Also, all the proctology clinics in India use USFDA approved LASER devices. The laser equipment’s used for treating the patients with laser energy is carefully handled and operated by expert laser Surgeons.

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