Shared Web Hosting for Modern Business Website

Considered as cheap web hosting, shared hosting is a widely used solution for a large number of sites. Shared web hosting is widely used by small businesses, blog owners and new websites. It is considered one of the most perfect solutions for those who seek to quickly define their websites with the limited funds they have. If you are also among those who are considering creating a shared website for your businesses and blogs, it is important that you contact a reliable and popular service provider, like many of the major companies.

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is where a lot of sites are hosted on a single server. The different websites hosted on the server share the same resources as the server. They are also offered a limited number of strictly defined server resources based on the selected hosting packages. It is considered one of the cheapest ways for companies to create an online presence without having to spend a lot of money.

The two most common types of shared hosting are Cheap Web Hosting and Windows web hosting. These are provided as options by most hosting providers. Your choice between a hosting solution for Windows and Linux websites will depend entirely on the type of development platform and the coding language you have used for your site. For example, if you have an ASP.NET site, a Linux hosting platform may not work for this site. In this case, you will need a Windows hosting podium.

The work procedure of shared hosting.

In the shared hosting, the server is divided into several accounts for several consumers. Each consumer can manage their sites, databases and separate emails. However, the costs and resources of the server are shared by all consumers. Shared hosting is very similar to sharing a house with other people. You will have your own room, but then you will have to share the resources of the room, such as common areas and electricity, with the other people in the house. What makes this type of accommodation economical is that maintenance and rental costs are evenly distributed among all users.

Features of hosting Linux websites

Linux is one of the most popular operating systems among web hosting providers. It is a powerful and versatile alternative to Microsoft Windows that is available in different varieties of freemium, commercial and free. Most hosts and shared hosting providers specifically use the Linux operating system for hosting plans by default. This means that Linux is currently the market leader. Many people and companies choose a web hosting platform without worrying about the technical specifications. Some of the best features of Linux web hosting include hosting a domain, unlimited disk space, CPanel, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited MySQL database, unlimited email accounts, SSD server and unlimited FTP.

Here are some frequently asked questions about hosting Linux websites:

The importance of Linux as a cheap web hosting platform.

Some versions of Linux, which are used as a Linux Web Hosting platform, are free. This is one of the main reasons why Linux is widely used by many web hosting companies.

Companies have the ability to configure countless Linux servers without purchasing licenses, unlike Windows web hosting. This is another good reason for the popularity of Linux among the best web hosting options. At the same time, you should also bear in mind that Linux is safe and that most developers firmly believe that Linux is more secure than Windows. However, much depends on the knowledge and skills of the user running the server.

What to look for in a Linux web hosting platform?

The choice of Linux web hosting is not a very difficult task, especially when there are market leaders like most of the best server hosting companies operating at the moment. Also, since Linux is very popular among web hosting providers, it would be easier for customers to find the best Linux hosting packages. Almost all shared hosting packages that they seem to find will be based on Linux. When choosing Linux hosting providers, you need to consider everything you will get with your hosting package. You should know all the features, such as disk space options, bandwidth, messaging functions, e-commerce functions, and control panels.

Availability guarantees

Most of the service providers that offer web hosting in Linux are covered by availability, standard, corporate and reseller plans in this category. For example, Many Best Server Hosting Company offers Linux hosting companies and resellers with unlimited disk space, unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited FTP and an unlimited MySQL database.

In addition to all the features mentioned above, there is an availability guarantee of 99.9% up to 99.98%, which is one of the greatest benefits of shared web hosting in Linux. If you get this availability guarantee, it automatically means that the hosting provider’s server is relatively reliable. There are even hosting providers that reimburse their customers for downtime with free hosting for a month in case of prolonged interruptions.

Customers often like to find answers to their questions when they decide to host Linux websites. The questions include:

Is it difficult to use Linux web hosting?

No, users do not need to use the operating system when they use Linux hosting. This is special for beginners. Most hosting management is done through the control panel designed specifically to be easy to use.

What do you get from a typical Linux website hosting plan?

With shared Linux hosting, you usually get a lot of space on the server with limited bandwidth. Your hosting provider will give you easy access to the software you need to download and publish your basic website. In addition, it also has the flexibility to install approved scripts for elements such as wikis, forums and CMS.

What programming languages ​​does Linux support?

Each hosting provider offers different support for programming languages. However, the general rule is that all languages ​​are compatible with each plane.

Is the type of Linux distribution that I have in my hosting package really important?

No it does not matter.

What software is needed for hosting Linux?

You have the option to code to create your website or you can even install a blogging application or CMS on the server to create a website once you have the Linux hosting plan.

Why do hosting providers choose Linux?

Hosting providers choose Linux because it is free, powerful, versatile and, most importantly, compatible with a broad community of users.

Do things tend to get dirty in Linux hosting?

There is the CPanel that hides the operating system from consumers.

Should I choose Windows or Linux for my WordPress blogs?

Linux would be the right choice.

What options can I use instead of Linux?

Windows is the only option for users.

Can IIS be installed on Linux?

No, you will need a Windows server for this.


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