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How Mass Communication Is Good for Career

There are so many options to choose as a career after 12th and these options confuse students. One of the best lines, one can choose to make an outstanding career is in mass communication. One can do graduation and then further studies in this field. Unlike all other graduate courses, mass communication is the only branch of studies that let you choose a career from multiple available options. The mass communication is a broad and after completion of studies, you can choose one of the best career opportunities in mass communication.

To understand the broad spectrum of career options, let me tell you the core of mass communication. It means information transmission to the masses via mass media. From print media to the glamour world, everything is under one roof after completion of studies and you are the one who writes and control your future. To let you understand how it is one of the best career options, let me share the top 7 categories of career options you can choose from after studies.

1. Writing

If writing is your strength and passion, whether you like, print media, or glamour world, then mass communication is for you. You can choose to be a script writer, creative writer and editor or any other kind of writings for Bollywood movies, TV serials or any creative ad agency. If you like serious writing, you can join, print media to shape your career as a reporter or editor in any big news agency.

2. Journalism

If you are akin to share your fearless thoughts; to speak on social and political issues and want to make a better world with your pen, then you must pursue a post graduate diploma in mass communication and journalism. You have multiple choices to choose as a career. You can become a news anchor, a field reporter or even a writer who shakes the world with his thoughts and power of writing. There are many journalists in the world that gain more popularity than some famous politicians and celebrities.

3. Marketing

It is considered as a golden egg of mass communication. A field with never ending golden opportunities! The students can choose to do majors in marketing and learn some extraordinary techniques by studying in one of the best mass communication colleges in Ahmedabad. These top colleges teach universal standard of creative and corporate marketing. After completion of studies, one can choose to make a career as a creative marketer, digital marketer, content marketing manager, chief marketing officer and the list goes on. The marketers can choose to work in a creative ad agency, in a film ad agency, in a corporate company and again the list goes on. The mass communication career opportunities are never ending in the marketing field.

4. Visual Communication

Just like marketing, the visual communication field is also very broad. If you are artistic or want to become the one with artistic skills who can share his/her thoughts with visual media, this would be the best career option for you. You can start in this field directly after completion of your graduation in mass communication. However, pursuing a major in the visual communication field will give you bonus points as a professional. You can grab even better opportunities. You can choose a specialization in career such as graphics, videos or images. Alternatively, you can pursue all types of visual media for your career.

5. Corporate Communication

The corporate communication plays a vital role in creating a strong brand of the company. The term corporate communication is a broad term and it includes all types of communication involved in a company depends on the chosen job and key job responsibilities. From email marketing to public communication with customers and media about the company; everything is part of the corporate communication. It gives attractive packages and of course the best career opportunities.

6. Film Director

Do you love movies? You can direct movies, too. After graduation, you should do majors in the file direction. You will need to join as an assistant director (AD) at the starting stage of your career. You will get the opportunity to work with famous celebrities, creative writers, sound engineers, cinematographer, advertising team, and everyone connected with the film in making. There are many successful film directors that started their career as assistant director in Bollywood. You can always try your luck in the international filmmaking industry.

7. Radio Jockey (RJ)

There are so many radio stations these days and many new are getting launched often. This has opened a whole new branch of career opportunities for mass communication students. Winning thousands of hearts with your voice is an art and the RJs master this art. You, too, can master this art with mass communication studies from any mass communication colleges in India. You will get to do fun jobs along with earning fame.

These are the top 7 career opportunities in mass communication, but the world doesn’t stop here. The mass communication is very broad and it gives a lot of options to choose a successful career option. You may start with a graduation to find your passion and interest and then pursue your majors.

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