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How much does it cost for hernia treatment in Delhi?

Are you suffering from hernia and living in or around the capital city of India, Delhi? If yes, you should consult the best hernia specialist in Delhi who provides hernia treatment at an affordable cost. However, you may find it difficult to choose the best and affordable hernia treatment in Delhi as several hospitals and clinics are competitively offering hernia treatment at low prices. 

But don’t you worry about it, we will give an overall idea about the cost of hernia treatment in Delhi and how it varies within Delhi itself. First things first, before discussing the cost of hernia treatment in Delhi, you need to know what really hernia is? Why should you not avoid hernia treatment? And what are the available hernia treatment options in Delhi? 

What is a hernia?

A hernia is a medical condition where a bulge or lump can be formed on your abdomen due to protrusion of internal organs, fat, and tissues. You can suffer from different types of hernias like inguinal hernia, femoral hernia, umbilical hernia, incisional hernia, epigastric hernia, and hiatal hernia.

Why should you not avoid hernia treatment?

Once you are diagnosed with a hernia, you should consult with a hernia specialist for further medical and surgical assistance. And your doctor or hernia specialist can recommend undergoing a hernia repair surgery in case you start to show symptoms like chronic constipation, severe and sharp abdominal pain, difficulty in swallowing, pain in the scrotal region, swelling of the testicles, and pain while bending or lifting heavy weights, etc. Suppose, if you have a hernia and no symptoms are shown or popped, your hernia specialist can suggest ‘watchful waiting’.

Hernias won’t go away on their own and should require medical and surgical interventions to avoid serious complications and major health concerns. In case you avoid hernia treatment for a long period or left untreated, hernias can become severe and can cause difficulty to perform your daily activities.

How much does it cost for hernia treatment in Delhi?

Multiple hospitals and clinics like Pristyn Care in Delhi offer the best and affordable hernia treatment options for all the patients. However, Pristyn Care in Delhi is ahead of many healthcare facilities in terms of providing the best and safest surgical treatment options for treating and preventing any type of hernia. They use US FDA approved diagnostic tools and surgical techniques to provide a world-class surgical experience to the patients.

[Note:- The below-mentioned cost is entirely for reference purposes only.]

  • The minimum amount to be paid for hernia treatment in Delhi can start from Rs.55,000
  • The average cost of hernia treatment in Delhi can be Rs.90,000
  • The maximum price of hernia treatment in Delhi can go up to Rs.2,80,000

However, to know the exact cost and to get actual quotations regarding the hernia treatment in Delhi, contact the clinic or hospital from which you are willing to get the hernia treatment. As said, this cost can subject to change depending on factors like:

  • Type of hospital: Multiple hospitals and clinics provide hernia treatment in Delhi. However, the cost for the same can change from one hospital to another due to the services, facilities, and perks provided by them. For example, Hernia treatment at a multi-specialty hospital can be more expensive when compared to a non-multispecialty hospital.
  • Location of the hospital: Within Delhi, the cost of hernia treatment can change from one location to another location. If you choose a hospital or clinic that is located in a densely populated and busy area, your cost for hernia treatment would be higher when compared to the hospitals or clinics that are situated in less populous areas.
  • Consultation fee: Consultation fee varies from one doctor to another. If you consult a well-experienced doctor, then his/her consultation fee would be more when compared to a doctor with lesser years of experience.
  • Diagnostic charges: For diagnosing the severity and type of hernia you are suffering from, your doctor can recommend a few diagnostic tests like endoscopy, CT scan, and MRI. The cost for these tests can impact the overall cost of the hernia surgery.
  • Type of hernia needs to be treated: You can get affected by six [6] types of hernias. So, the cost of hernia treatment can vary based on what type of hernia needs to be treated.
  • Type of surgery: Depending on the severity and type of hernia you are suffering from, the doctor can recommend either open hernia surgery or laparoscopic hernia surgery whose costs vary from each other.
  • Medical charges: Sometimes even after undergoing hernia surgery, your doctor can recommend using a few prescribed medications like painkillers and laxatives. So, the cost of these medications can impact your overall hernia treatment cost.
  • Type of admission room: Different types of admission rooms are available in most of the hospitals and clinics in Delhi. A few of them are deluxe rooms, twin sharing rooms, premium twin sharing rooms, premium deluxe rooms, and suite rooms. The cost of these rooms varies from each other.

What are the available hernia treatments in Delhi?

In Delhi, most of the hernia specialists like well experienced and trained surgeons at Pristyn Care provide both surgical and non-surgical hernia treatment options. Surgical treatment includes surgeries like open hernia repair surgery and laparoscopic hernia repair surgery. Non-surgical hernia treatment includes medications, lifestyle modifications, and dietary changes.

The final takeaway

As you know several hospitals and clinics in Delhi provide hernia treatment at various prices. So, you may find it difficult to choose the right and affordable hospital or clinic for getting hernia treatment. The cost for hernia treatment is completely dependent on factors like the type of surgery, type of hernia needed to be treated, location of hospital, and experience of the doctor, etc.

Out of all the hospitals and clinics in Delhi, undergoing hernia treatment at Pristyn Care is recommended as they offer the treatment at an affordable price along with few services like a free cab facility on the day of hernia surgery, a dedicated ‘care buddy’ to look after your needs during the complete process of hernia treatment, free followup sessions, and free diet consultation after completion of the hernia treatment.


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