Paintings are an integral part of any house. Every human being loves art in some form or the other because it helps to create a homely atmosphere. Possibly that is the reason why the first caveman drew the picture of a bison in his cave using natural colours. But if you cannot draw something on the canvas you can always buy one to add a bit of colour to your house. The topic of the painting you buy can be anything starting from a still life to a modern buddha painting. There is no limitation to the choice of art.

Adding some Colour to the walls

Colour to the house does not simply refer to the wall paint. You can always add a painting to express yourself or connect to a positive vibe that it spreads in the house. While picking a painting try to pick something colourful. A good piece on the canvas can become the focal point of the house and draw everyone’s attention. Whether it is a single element or a master’s collection ensure that it does not appear small in comparison to the rest of the room’s furniture. It should match the surroundings rather than be dwarfed by everything else surrounding it.

Variety of textures

So, if you are going to hunt for a suitable painting, ensure that you pick something that transforms the interiors of the house and adds value to the walls. If you prefer something calm like the gautam buddha oil painting try picking something with a lot of textures. You can also try subjects in acrylic painting etc. You can choose a gorgeous scenery that covers the wall.

Give it a personal touch

A painting exhibits a part of you just like the rest of the décor in the house. Therefore, try something that is unique and adds character to your abode. You can also try hanging family pictures or some wall hanging made by your loved one. It could also be a picture from the recent vacation or something that offers more insight and meaning to the home. There are many art houses or auctions where you can buy unique pieces of paintings. Just keep in mind that the wall art should not be too small in comparison to the rest of the wall and its surroundings.

Art as a strategy

Art is an important part of the décor of a house. The walls are sometimes very neglected. But if they are decorated properly in connection with the wall colour and other décor then it can look overwhelming. A good picture that has a lot of depth and texture can elevate the decoration of the house to another level altogether.

Creating a theme

If you feel comfortable with more than one painting then design an entire wall full of paintings. Decorate a whole wall full painting of Gods including a gautam buddha oil painting. Arrange them in your own way according to size or theme and watch how the wall looks different.


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