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How to Choose the Best Piles Doctor in Gwalior?

The cases of piles or hemorrhoids are as prevalent in smaller cities as they are in metro cities. So, if you are seeking the best piles doctor in Gwalior, take a look at this guide to know what you should consider before making the final decision.

Everyone can agree that a wrong decision while choosing a piles doctor can lead to major complications. Desperate situations sometimes leave us unguarded to fend off the unwanted consequences. The decision you are about to make depends on the types of piles. Whether you have internal, external, prolapsed, or thrombosed piles, there is a specialist available in your city. You only need to contact healthcare providers to get in touch with the best proctologist in Gwalior.

Which doctor do you need to go to for piles treatment?

People often avoid going to a doctor to discuss bowel movement issues and other problems related to the anal region. However, if you keep on ignoring the initial signs and symptoms of piles, the problem will only get worse. At some point, you will need to seek medical help from experts. But which type of doctor you should consult for piles treatment. Most people don’t know the answer to this question. So, here is a list of doctors that can help you

1) Nutritionist/Dietician

If you are aware of piles and its symptoms, you can contact your dietician and ask them to make changes in your diet that will relieve the symptoms in the initial phase and make the problem disappear quickly. Your diet plays a major role in the occurrence of piles. Hence, consulting your dietician should be your first line of action. Taking a high-fiber diet, drinking enough water, and avoiding unhealthy food items will help you get rid of piles in the mild stage.

2) Ayurvedic Expert

With the recent evolution of Ayurvedic Science, natural herbs are now one of the prominent ways to tackle health issues including piles. Most of the medicines and herbs in Ayurveda targets the cause of the problem and treats piles naturally and painlessly. So, you can consider talking to an Ayurvedic expert. But be wary as there are many people who are not certified, Ayurvedic doctors.

3) General Physician

Yes, you can communicate with your general physician to get the best piles treatment in Gwalior. They are known to be a jack of all trades. Hence, they will suggest using topical creams, OTC medicines, or sitz baths as the solution to treat the symptoms. It will eliminate the pain and discomfort for a while. However, to get a permanent solution, you must make changes in your lifestyle so that the symptoms will subside completely.

4) Colorectal Surgeon or Proctologist

If the condition has become severe and you need surgery, then the best decision you can make is to contact a piles doctor in Gwalior. Pristyn Care, a healthcare company with its presence pan-India houses some of the best Proctologists in the country. They are highly trained and experienced in treated anorectal problems such as piles with advanced laser surgery. While many patients think that open surgery is the last resort for piles treatment, the laser has proven more successful.

Cost & Duration of Piles Surgery In Gwalior

The average cost of surgery for piles in Gwalior is between INR 30,000 to INR 45,000 depending on the severity of the condition.

For the reader’s benefit, it must be mentioned that currently, laser surgery is the best treatment for piles. Laser technology has eliminated the risks associated with piles treatment. It can be done within 30 minutes under general anesthesia. And the recovery period is also less. Post-op, you can get back on your feet on the next day and the wound will heal quickly as well.

If you choose a reliable healthcare service, you can also avail of additional benefits such as EMI payments, insurance claims, post-surgery followup, etc. that are provided by Pristyn Care.

Wrap Up

In the end, the only thing worth mentioning is that choosing the best piles doctor in Gwalior or anywhere in India is not difficult. You only need to invest some time and research to analyze the healthcare center’s reputation and service. After that, you can contact the doctors and get relief from pain while sitting, bleeding stool, and inflammation in the anal region.


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