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How to choose the Best Piles Doctor in Lucknow

Residents of Lucknow may not be able to avail the safest and risk-free piles treatment due to various factors. One of those factors is selecting the best and right piles doctor. If you choose the wrong doctor, you can get misdiagnosed and mistreated, leading to severe complications and can affect your lifestyle.

If you wish to get cured of piles permanently and achieve a better quality of life, you should get diagnosed by the best doctor. To make it easy for you in selecting the best and expert doctor in Lucknow, we listed the qualifications and qualities of the best piles doctors.

Qualifications of the Best Piles Doctor in Lucknow:

Many hospitals and doctors provide piles treatment in Lucknow with various medical services and facilities. One wrong step while selecting the right doctor can cost your overall health. 

The wrong doctor for you piles can cause misdiagnosis and mistreatment of the condition and lead to a greater risk of infection and complications. So, here are a few qualifications that can help you select the best piles doctors in Lucknow.

  • MBBS
  • MS – General surgery
  • MD – Colorectal surgery
  • FRCS – General surgery [colorectal]
  • DNB – General surgery and surgical gastroenterology
  • Diplomate Colon and Rectal Surgery


Select the piles doctor who has the above qualifications as they are highly educated and can provide the safest piles treatment.


Qualities of Best Piles doctor:

Along with the above qualifications, the best piles doctor should have qualities like:

  • Good reputation in the local community
  • Able to diagnose the root cause of the piles
  • Well-trained in performing piles surgeries
  • Able to use the latest and advanced medical devices, diagnostic tools, and surgical equipment
  • History of performing successful piles surgeries
  • Able to perform open and laser piles surgery
  • Capable of curing piles with minimal or no risk of infection and post-surgical complications.
  • Must follow the best healthcare and medical guidelines
  • Should suggest appropriate lifestyle and dietary changes that can promote the well-being of the patient

So, before selecting the right doctor for your piles treatment in Lucknow, keep in mind all these qualifications & qualities of the doctor.

Where to Find the best Piles Doctor in Lucknow?

If you plan to get diagnosed and cured of piles in Lucknow, you can visit Pristyn Care. Pristyn Care is one of the best and safest healthcare providers in Lucknow, which offers the safest piles treatment at an affordable cost. They house the best piles doctors who provide the most effective treatment for your hemorrhoids.

Pristyn Care, Lucknow provides perks like a free follow-up session, free diet plan, free cab facility on the day of the surgery and day of the discharge, and no-cost EMI.


Before choosing the best doctor for your piles, make sure he/she meets your checklist that contains all the above-mentioned qualifications and qualities. Further, if you find it challenging to choose the right doctor, contact Pristyn Care. They house several experienced doctors who can diagnose and cure piles with USFDA approved surgical techniques.


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