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How to Do A Reverse Image Search From Your Phone?

We have been using the internet for many years, and whenever we have to find an image, most commonly, we type the name of the thing or person in the search engine and click on the images tab. But many times, there is a possibility that we don’t even know a word of how to describe an object, that’s where reverse image search comes to play its role.

Reverse image search works like an image search engine, where instead of typing keywords, we directly enter the image to find similar results. Many websites have developed a reverse image search tool for making it convenient for people to find similar pictures. The real challenge for people is to find the best free photo search tool that they can use from their phones as well.

The accessibility to online tools from all devices is a problem encountered by many people. But, it is understood that internet users have shifted from desktop browsing to mobile browsing in the last few years drastically. If you wish to find out how to do a reverse image from your phone, then you should continue reading this post as we will let you know the steps involved in using this service from hand devices. Plus, we will also let you know about the website that allows you to use this service without any intricacies.

What is the Best Reverse Image Search for Mobile Users?

When you type in reverse image lookup in a search engine, you may find different websites offering this facility. But, you will have to test many of them to find out which one provides the best results and is easy to operate on your phone. To make things easier, we recommend you to use the reverse image search tool available on duplichecker.com. This website is offering a secured platform and hundreds of other tools without charging a penny. The reverse image search on this website has a user-friendly interface as a user can access it from any device running on any operating system.

The mobile users might be looking for an app of reverse image search, but there is no need to get any when you have free access to this online utility. Downloading an app on your phone can cover unnecessary storage, as, on the other hand, this photo search tool doesn’t consume even single-byte storage of your device. Plus, many apps you will find on iOS or Android smartphones will not allow you to use this service unless you pay for them. Buying the paid plans for these apps would surely be a waste of money.

Steps of Using Reverse Image Search on Phone

You don’t need to install any extension or plugin for search using image on your phone as it is a web-based utility. The steps involved in using search by image facility are free of any hassles. The best thing is that you don’t have to register. After opening the reverse image search on your phone, you will see an upload option that you can click to pick a file from your device’s gallery. But this isn’t the only option for doing photo search on this amazing tool.

If you have found an image on a website, but it isn’t explained well, and you want to know more about it, then instead of saving it on your device, you can copy the URL of that image and paste it in this tool. The tool will scan the image URL entered and show similar pictures in a matter of seconds.

With this tool, you will get hands-on the results of similar pictures from three different search engines. As you will click on the search similar image button after uploading the file, you will see results in three different search engines (Google, Bing, and Yandex).


That’s how you can do reverse image search from your phone. Reverse image lookup is an uncomplicated task if you choose the right platform. The tool recommended above is the best option, in my opinion, as everything is pretty much straightforward in it. It offers you unlimited queries, and it can be accessed from any corner of the world. Therefore, it’s best you can get!

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