While it is possible to prevent rust or rust spots by applying paint, protection film or by regularly waxing the car, rust will still occur. In fact, the creeping menace of rust threatens the existence of any car as it entirely destroys the parts of the vehicles bringing it to early retirement in the salvage yard. Nonetheless, you can conduct rust repairs at the early stages and prevent the ultimate “death” of your precious vehicle.

Carrying out a rust-repair is not a complicated task, and you can do it all by yourself. While it can be time-consuming, it saves you a great deal of money. You just need to find the time, preferably over the weekend and assemble the necessary tools to eliminate rust in a few steps explained in this piece. While carrying out the procedure, it’s advisable that you first find out the car manufacturer’s paint code before shopping for the vehicle’s paint. Additionally, you would want to use aerosol can for more extensive repairs and rollerball applicators for spot fixes instead of a spray gun as its quite complex to operate, especially if you have no prior experience. Below are the tools you will need to repair rust from your car.

  • Sandpaper

  • Rust Remover

  • Touch-up paint pens

  • Colour Matching Spray Paint

  • Grease and wax remover

  • Sander

  • Sanding discs

  • Impact wrench

  • Painters Tape

  • Protective Eyewear

  • Gloves

  • Dusk Mask

Steps in Rust Repair

The steps in rust repair depend on the type of rust. There are three types of rust: surface rust, scale rust and penetrating rust. Surface rust affects only the top layer of the vehicle’s body panel. Scale rust is an advancement of surface rust and pits in the body panel. Penetrating rust is the worst form of rust as it penetrates the body panel creating holes and can only be repaired through parts replacement.

Steps to Repair Surface Rust

  1. Mask off the repair area with paint-appropriate tape. Ensure you have a few inches of protection surrounding the rust spot.

  2. Spray or brush the rust remover onto the rust and let it settle for a few minutes. Remove the excess by wiping it with a clean rag. Note that rust remover is corrosive; therefore, you should use appropriate protective gear.

  3. Remove the leftover rust by rubbing with a sandpaper

  4. Clean the sport with detergent and let it to air dry

  5. Spray the primer form a light or medium coat and allow it to air dry for an hour. Spray three coats.

  6. Apply the color base coat forming a thinner layer compared to the primer. For complete coverage, ensure you do at least six coats. Let each coat dry completely before applying another one to prevent drips.

  7. Finally, spray the clear coat and live it for two or three days before washing. Wax after two to six months.

Steps to Repair Scrum Rust

  1. Put your dust mask on, mask off the affected area and cover the rest of the vehicle to protect it from super-fine dust.

  2. Using a grinder with a sanding wheel, remove as much rust as you can. Be careful not to damage the panel by using too much energy.

  3. Use a grease remover to clean the working area.

  4. Use a fiberglass-reinforced body filler to fill the holes and depressions left over after digging out the rust. Leave it for some time to solidify completely.

  5. Using fine sandpaper, sand the filler then clean with wax and grease remover.

  6. Tape off the area to be painted

  7. Apply the self-etching primer and wait for it to dry completely.

  8. Finally, apply the clear coat and let it dry. Proceed with washing and waxing as above.

Repairing Penetrating Rust

As earlier stated, repairing penetrating rust is quite costly, and it’s best done through replacements or welding in a new patch panel both of which are expensive and can only be done at the body shop by qualified mechanics. If the rust exceeds 20 percent of the body parts, a total overhaul of the components is necessary.


The best way to deal with rust is to fix the spots early enough before they spread to other parts. Also, during winter, ensure that your vehicle has multiple wax coats to shield it from rusting. Wash your car regularly to prevent the accumulation of chemicals which accelerate rusting. With the steps described above, you can easily fix rust on your car and ensure it continues serving you in the required manner.


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