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How To Fix Windows 10 Freezing Problem – 2020

If your computer keeps freezing or if your PC is facing any other issues related to BSoDs, then you have landed upon the perfect place, to get rid of such issues instantly.

After investigation on computer freezing problems, we have come across that the problems never stopped.

Moreover, the issues related to the same has been rapidly increased and leading Windows 10 device in a severe state.

Do your Windows 10 freezes? Well, if it’s so! Then, your system needs the classic Best driver updater to get rid of these issues.

After upgrading to Windows 10, many users have been experiencing some issues like BSoDs, windows 10 freezing, system crash, and more. They also failed in fixing such issues. Is there any solution?

YES, and because of this report, we have gathered some of the best practical ways to get rid of such issues, and these ways will be helpful for you.

Here are the best practical ways for your Windows 10 device. Have a quick look at the instructions:

#1. Try to free up Disk Space on your System (Windows 10) Disk

It’s wisely essential to free up disk space on your particular system, as low disk space can make your system more sluggish or even cause random Windows 10 issues like system crash or freeze.

You can free up the disk space either removing the junk files or shifting the extra data in C drive as the drive has enough free disk.

#2. Try to disconnect all devices

If any of the external devices are connected while you are facing aby issues, then instant disconnect all the external devices, including keyboard, mouse, so that you could check the cause of random PC freezes at the time of booting up.

#3. Try to check for faulty hardware. If any!

If any faulty or damaged hardware is residing on your system, then it can be the more significant cause for the random freeze of your system.

However, if the issues are occurring because of Windows 10, it means there is nothing wrong with the hardware.

#4. Uninstall any unwanted or incompatible programs from your system

If you have installed any incompatible program, that might be not compatible with your system, and because of which your system might face specific issues. Thus, it’s advised that you must uninstall the program instantly.

#5. Scan all the corrupt system files with SFC to repair the issues

When the system files get corrupted, then probably your Windows might freeze or hangs. To test and fix it, run a Command Prompt Window using (Win+R keys and then type cmd and press Enter) cmd window will open.

Make sure that an admin is running a console. Next, type SFC/scan now, then press enter.

Next, we also have some advanced solutions for you, to fix random freezes on your Windows 10.

Way 1: Update your windows driver and make it a brand new

Updating your windows includes two options one is manual, and the other is the automatic one.

Manual Way:

To update all your system drivers manually, you have to follow few steps:

  1. Click to open the “Start” menu and then press the “Settings” tab.
  2. Next, tap on the “Update & Security” option.
  3. In the left pane, you’ll see an option ”Windows Update”, select it and check for updates.

Automatic Way:

To update your drivers using an automatic way, you can also install the driver updater tool, ITL Driver Updater or a Driver Tonic from here. Rest the tool will automatically scan your system and fix all the issues in just a single click.

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