HIV is the virus that leads to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) which is the most advanced phase of HIV infection. HIV attacks the body’s immune system and as a result, the body can’t fight from other infections. HIV can damage several cells inside the body that are necessary to manage the human immune system.

HIV testing is very essential for all those who are engaged in sexual activities. Here are some of the points one must consider before going further on ‘how to get tested for HIV.

  • For assuring that one has HIV or not, testing is the only way.
  • If the person is HIV positive, should take care of their sexual health as well as, use proper procedures to prevent the risks of transferring HIV infection.
  • For sexual health, one must know about their HIV status that can help them protect their sexual partners.
  • Through earlier examining, an HIV infected person can lead a better life for a long time.
  • HIV risk factors are high in those who are active in sexual activities- Vaginal or anal sex with a person having HIV infection. Taking drugs through injections, syringes, sharing needles or other drug equipment with others who are already infected with HIV are also responsible for HIV infection.
  • According to Centers for Disease Control’s recommendation especially for pregnant women-All pregnant women should get tested for HIV to protect their unborn baby from HIV infection. If they have HIV positive reports, they should start their treatment as soon as possible.

When to Get Tested for HIV?

It’s good to check the HIV status if the person has never been tested for HIV. If you are confused about when and how to get tested for HIV, then here are some suggestions. Get yourself check regularly if you:

  • have unprotected sex with multiple partners
  • are engaged in anal or oral sex
  • have sexual relations with other guys
  • use needles to inject any form of drugs

How to get tested for HIV?

People need to know that How to get tested for HIV. So, they can prevent the risk of HIV transferring to another one. There are simple ways by which one can know their HIV status.

  1. The simplest way is to ask your doctor & get tested for HIV as per his recommendation.
  2. One can also go to a local clinic or community health center.
  3. Contact National HIV or STD Testing centers to know HIV status.
  4. One can buy a test kit from any nearest pharmacy. It’s available without a prescription. Go through the instructions carefully and know how to do HIV test at the privacy of home.

Don’t ignore initial symptoms of HIV& get yourself tested! Confused how to check HIV test?

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