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How to grow your blog using SEO

One of the most leverage activity in which you can spend your time is SEO for your blogs. If any one of your blogs will be able to achieve top rank in Google, it will drive thousands of more visitors to your site every month. Every other company has blogs, but only a few know how to capitalize their blog to maximize SEO results. In starting while doing SEO for your blogs, you will feel it’s not helping you and not making a big difference.

But as your blog will grow, you will notice the difference and realise how keeping everything organized & properly tagged made it easier for Google as well as other search engines to find your blog. The more people will find your blog content, more your blog will grow because it creates an impression and tells Google that people are appreciating your content.

Use following techniques to grow your blog using SEO:

Conduct an SEO audit before moving ahead.

When you are planning to optimize your blogs, the first step before starting with SEO is to conduct an SEO audit. Rather than worrying why your blogs are not generating enough traffic, conduct the audit. If you will not try to find out what is broken, you won’t be able to work towards fixing it. You can easily use freely available tools such as DeepCrawl, SEMrush etc while taking care of a few major aspects such as; are all blog posts are optimized for relevant keywords?

Does your content is good and have good links? Are you using the right SEO title tags and meta descriptions? Do the images are in proper size along with alt tags? Once you have found the answers, move ahead understand and understand how you can use SEO to grow the traffic on your blog.

Focus on Long-tailed Keywords

Decide one long-tail keyword you want to rank for in your every post. Optimizing your blogs using keywords doesn’t mean that you include as many keywords into your posts as you can. It does the opposite, instead of increasing the rank, it hurts your SEO and can also lead to penalties because it is considered as keyword stuffing by search engines.

It also impacts the reader experience, that’s why choose keywords carefully that doesn’t look unnatural and forced in the content. The best practice is to choose one or two long-tail keywords per blog to maximize the traffic and grow your blog using SEO.

Now the question is; why long-tail keywords are better than a single keyword? Because these long question type keywords keep the blog focused on one particular goal of the user. Also, visitors searching for long-tail keywords are the one who will read your whole blog and can contact you for more information.

Where to use the long-tail keywords.

Once you have decided your long-tail keyword, the next step is to find out the major portions where these keywords are a must. There are four major portions in a blog, where you should include your keywords: title tag, meta description, URL, headers & body.

  1. Title Tags

The first thing that comes in the search result when the user searches any type of information is the title, which means title should match with what they are searching. The title tag is the first step in determining the relevancy of your content, so including a keyword here is important. While including keyword in your title tag, make sure to use it within first 50 to 60 characters which are where the Google cuts the titles in search engine result pages.

Google doesn’t measure character count, it counts the pixel width that varies between 500 to 600 pixels and which ends around 60 characters. If you have a lengthy headline, include keywords in starting, otherwise, there are chances that the keywords will be cut off by SERPs.

  1. Meta Description

The meta description is a few texts shown under the main title linked in Google search which is meant to give brief information about your blog’s content. So, don’t forget to include your long-tail keywords again in the meta description to make your audience clear on the blog’s content, but without making it over stuff. Make the description relevant and attractive because it tempts the user to click through your site increasing the click-through rates.

  1. Headers & Body

It’s a good idea to mention keywords at a normal pace throughout the body of the blog post as well as in headers. Use keywords many times but in a relevant way, it should not convert into the keyword stuffing while leading to penalties. It’s a good practice to decide keywords before you start any new blog, but it should not be your only focus or never be the primary focus. While creating any content, your primary focus should be on audience preferences and their basic expectation from the blog.

  1. URL

URL is one of the first thing search engines crawl in your page, it defining factor of the post for search engines. They usually look at the URL to figure out what your blog is all about. Every blog is unique and with every blog, you get a chance to optimize your URLs, don’t forget to include long-tail keywords. If you are wondering ways to increase traffic on your blog, check Justgoweb Digital for reference.

Be careful while using images

If you are using images in your blog, then make sure they have ALT text which makes them easily searchable for Google. Search engines cannot detect or view images, but they can read the ALT text. Also, make sure to reduce the pixel of the image otherwise a heavy file slowdown the sped which highly impacts your ranking in Google search.

Your blogs should be Mobile friendly

In the 21st century, maximum users use search engines via their smartphones and if your blogs are not mobile-friendly your ranking will go down. Also, out of all the important search queries done through mobile, Google displays mobile-friendly blog post results on the top. This is the best example that google prefers mobile-friendly websites over others. So, make sure to make your website mobile-friendly and get the maximum traffic.


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