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How To Make More Money With Just Rs. 5 Lakhs?

Everyone is looking for that next best opportunity with stability and high returns. While businesses have various professionals who help them invest large amounts of money, individuals have to understand their own risk appetites and look for the right investment. You could be planning for a future financial goal where investing a large sum currently will lead you to build a sizeable corpus for the future.

You have market-linked options such as direct equity or mutual funds. But one of the best ways to invest money is fixed deposits. Why fixed deposits, one might ask? Safety is a major concern at any age and income level and most importantly, if you are a senior citizen. Hence, it is advisable to earmark a certain percentage for FD investments if you want maximum returns as well as ensure safety and security of your principal amount.

Multiplying your money with company fixed deposits

Company FDs provide 1-2% higher interest rates as compared to bank FDs as they do not need to adhere to RBI policy movements.

Out of innumerable FD investment options available, Bajaj Finance FD is providing the best returns with an interest rate of up to 8.95%. It is one best way to invest money because of its assured returns and high interest rates. You can easily multiply a sum of say Rs. 5 lakhs that you might want to multiply for a future goal. Let us look at how this is possible –

Customer Type



Interest rate

Maturity Amount

Profit/ Interest Earned

New customer

Rs 5 lakhs

5 years



Rs. 2,55,299

Bajaj employee

Rs 5 lakhs

5 years



Rs. 2,64,033

Existing customer

Rs 5 lakhs

5 years



Rs. 2,64,033

Senior Citizen

Rs 5 lakhs

5 years


Rs 7,67,549

Rs. 2,67,549

  • Multiplying capital with high steady interest rates Company FDs provide a higher interest rate of 1-2% than banks. One among them is Bajaj Finance FD which assures you interest rates as high as 8.6%. Senior citizens and Bajaj employees get an additional interest rate of 0.35% and 0.25% respectively. With such interest rates, you can easily increase your principal amount of Rs. 5 lakhs to meet your financial goals.

  • High return on investment is essential – Bajaj Finance FD ensures great returns on investments. You receive up to 51% of Return On Investment on Bajaj Finance FD. So, if you invest Rs.5 lakhs for a period of 5 years, you will get a profit of Rs.2.6 lakhs. Such high ROI can help you achieve your financial goals.

  • Cumulative and non-cumulative FDs make a difference with compoundingWith cumulative FDs you receive the interest income on your principal amount upon maturity. And with non-cumulative FDs, you receive the interest amount prior to maturity, i.e. monthly, quarterly or half-yearly, as chosen. For maximum benefit from Rs. 5 lakh investment, you must opt for the cumulative FD whereas if you need regular income, opt for the non-cumulative FD.

  • Risk-free investment ensures the stability of capital- Bajaj Finance FD has been marked as one of the safest and secure investing options. CRISIL’S FAAA/stable rating and ICRA’S MAAA /stable rating have marked it with high assurance and safety. So, when there is the least risk, the investment gets a better environment for its growth. Hence, investing in Bajaj FD assures you great returns.

  • Fluctuation-proof interest keeps steady returns- One of the best benefits of choosing Bajaj Finance FD for the best growth of your money is its fluctuation-proof feature. There is no effect of the market fluctuation on your investment made in Bajaj Finance FD. You will get an assured return on your principal amount.

  • Loan against FD can help in business- A sum of Rs. 5 lakhs can be put into an FD for earning interest and you can also take a loan against it up to 75% of the value. This will help in any business or profitable venture you might be thinking of. This way you can have a dual benefit of investing the money.

  • Choice of tenors helps in the long term- Bajaj Finance understands the various needs of different individuals. Hence, there is no fixed tenor and amount for FD. You are free to choose any amount and tenor according to your requirement for multiplying Rs. 5 lakhs into a desired sum of money.

To know better about your returns, use online FD calculator monthly interest. By entering your planned tenor and amount in the calculator, you will get to know the exact interest rate and ROI you will be awarded. It is an easy way to know the worth of your investment.

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