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How to Mirror Your Device Display to Your TV Screen

In this ever-advancing world, we are often engaged in chores, which leaves us exhausted and energy-drained. In such a busy routine, we tend to seek refreshment and entertainment through gadgets in the digital world. To redouble the effectiveness of this recreational activity, we try to share it with the people around us. But, with insufficiently large tablets and laptops, the true potential of the activity remains undermined. Fortunately, a newer concept of Screen-Mirroring has gradually paved its way into our lifestyle. With this facility, you can connect any smart device to a larger screen like a television and media projector. Hence, enhancing the viewing experience, whether it be sharing the fun of watching a hilarious Netflix TV show with your friends or, reliving memories by viewing past photos with your family.

Wired Solutions

Connecting your TV to handheld devices with the aid of wires might sound a bit too old-fashioned, but at times that’s what only gets you through. The two common methods of screen mirroring your device display to the TV screen via cables include;

  • HDMI

Short for High-Definition Multimedia Interface, the HDMI cable transmits audio and video data from your device to your TV screen in a hassle-free manner. Just connect one end of this inexpensive connector to your device while the other to the HDMI port present on your TV. In case, your smart portable device does not have an HDMI port you will need a Micro USB-to-HDMI adaptor, to successfully transfer the data

  • MHL

The Mobile High-Definition Link is not as popular as an HDMI cable but is capable of delivering similar performance. The cable unchains the data stored in your device and is even capable of converting your TV screen into a desktop. Connect the one end of MHL cable to the TV, the other to your android device or tablet, and you’re good to go.

Wireless Solutions

With the progress in the technological world, devices are becoming compact day by day, and the same case is with associated tools and gadgets. In recent times, the practice of sharing screens is becoming increasingly through wireless methods. Several companies have launched top-notch devices that eliminate the need for a wire in transmitting data from your device to the TV screen. These include Roku, Apple Set-Top Box streaming device, Amazon Fire TV devices, etc.

Amongst these devices, the most inexpensive dongle is Google Chromecast. Similar to other screen mirroring devices, you will have to plug in this tiny device to your TV and connect it to the power supply using a USB power cable. Next, ensure that your TV and portable device share the same WiFi network. After that, download the Chromecast App on your mobile device and cast endless content from your phone to the TV! 

Another widely used screen mirroring device based on Wi-Fi Direct Technology is Miracast. For enabling connection, you will need to turn on screen mirroring option in your mobile device. However, if the model of your TV is slightly old, you might have to get an adaptor. You can also share your device display to your TV screen using WiFi only via screen mirroring apps such as AirServer Connect. Although using these apps eradicates the need for a cable or a device, but may give a poor performance.

Compatibility Differences

To determine whether your devices are compatible with screen mirroring or not, you should know two facts. First, if only one of your devices has a screen-mirroring facility, then it will not be possible to carry out the screen-mirroring. Both the devices (Mobile and TV) must have a screen mirror option.

Secondly, even if both the devices provide the screen-mirroring option, then until the manufacturing companies are the same as Apple and Samsung, they will not perform the screen-mirroring function.

Now, that you can decide whether your devices are compatible or not, let’s take a glimpse at the compatibility differences between the following brands.


Samsung is a well-known and reputable brand that leads the technology market with its innovative ideas. Screen-mirroring is a prime feature present in all Samsung smart TVs that provide Wi-Fi connectivity. However, a limited number of Samsung smartphones allow screen-mirroring like Galaxy J and A series. The feature is available in two different names; Smart View and Quick Connect.

To connect, go to the Menu on the Smart TV, then choose Network and select Screen-mirroring. On the smartphone, select the option via the notification bar and then select the Smart TV after scanning.

Samsung is, perhaps, an ideal choice for screen-mirroring with its wide range of Smart TVs available and advanced technology. Comparing with the advanced specifications, the Samsung smart TV price in Pakistan is quite reasonable.


Striving to better the lifestyle of millions, LG holds a great global position in the technology industry. Installed with SmartShare, almost all of the LG TVs, smartphones, tablets, and other devices are compatible with screen-mirror.

To connect, select screen-mirroring in LG smart TV drop-down menu and in the smartphone too. Whether it is an image, video, or any other content will be displayed in high-resolution. Unlike Samsung, LG’s smart TV price in Pakistan is a bit higher than usual costs.

Similarly, as more and more smart devices are augmenting user experience by providing a screen-mirroring option, the process of connecting your smartphone to TV is becoming easier day-by-day. However, different brands have different compatibility and demands. Hence it’s always better to know about various connectivity modes.

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