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Key Factors that Differentiate the Roles of a Project Manager vs. a Construction Manager

The construction industry can be a complex world if you are not familiar with the different roles surrounding it. Two important roles that you should know about and not confuse with each other are the project manager and construction manager. Identifying the difference between the two will provide you a deeper understanding of what takes place in every building project and the construction industry as a whole. Below are the key factors that differentiate the roles of a project manager vs. a construction manager.


The role of a project manager may require a bachelor’s degree and 2 to 4 years of work experience in the construction industry. He/she must be familiar with all of the field concepts as well as practices and procedures. A wide degree of creativity and understanding of all aspects of project management is expected. The role demands expertise in both worlds—administrative and technical.

To qualify as a construction manager, a candidate must have a strong background in construction. Nowadays, the job increasingly requires a bachelor’s degree. Those who are experts in building trades including plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and general construction have greater chances of being chosen for the position.


The different responsibilities of a project manager include developing a project plan to track work progress, creating comprehensive project documentation, ensuring resource availability and allocation, delegating project tasks, performing risk management, ensuring resource availability and allocation, and that project results are delivered on time, within scope and budget.

On the other hand, construction managers participate in pre-construction meetings and provide on-site supervision during construction. They also manage subcontractors. The day-to-day activities of a construction manager include checking plans with surveyors, architects, and engineers, monitoring building progress and costs, and maintaining and promoting health and safety among contractors.

Using the Design-Bid-Build method, the project manager is more involved in the overall building project, from beginning to end; while the construction manager will only focus on the actual building phase of the project.

Level of authority

As the construction manager oversees all construction activities, he/she will be supervised by the project manager. Project managers also assist in the hiring of a construction manager. The former puts the challenge on the latter to get all construction work done on time and without delays.

Relationship to property owners or clients

A project manager acts as an advocate and representative of clients throughout the entire project and ensures the realization of ultimate construction goals. He/she becomes the liaison between the client and all suppliers, designers, and contractors. It is also the project manager’s responsibility to create and maintain smooth, constant communication among all the significant parties involved. While project managers are in direct contact with clients, construction managers report to them.


Both roles deal with budgeting. However, the construction manager is only responsible for the budget of the entire construction phase. Project managers’ budgets, on the other hand, may cover marketing, client meetings, and more.

The Importance of Dealing With the Right Supplier

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