Are you looking forward to undergoing an HIV test in Bangalore? But you are concerned about your personal information being revealed in public? Well, then you should probably consider getting tested for HIV through Yes4Me.

Yes4me provides a platform for an individual where one can keep their personal information confidential.  Booking your HIV testing through Yes4Me, not only includes a simple and easy process but also provides you the flexibility of choosing your time, date, availability, collecting samples from your home and expert counselors who are ready to address your queries at any point of time.

How can one get tested for HIV by keeping your privacy confidential and intact?

  • To begin with, a person who is intended to get tested for HIV will receive a set of questionnaires discussing your sexual life. Where you need to fill the answers and all the answers will be kept confidential.
  • The experts at Yes4Me will then evaluate the answers and categorize the risk for HIV into low, medium or high-risk levels.
  • According to the measurements, the experts will also provide their feedback on whether you should get tested for HIV or not.
  • After you know your risk level for HIV, the next step involves booking an STD test in Bangalore by making an appointment, where you can choose a nearby HIV testing center according to your feasibility and that’s done!
  • However, if you feel reluctant to get tested for HIV by visiting a nearby test center then you can neglect that because Yes4me provides home-collection services for samples without a hiccup. Also, one can simply receive all the reports via email.
  • All the tests are conducted under the supervision of well experienced technicians and HIV specialists available at Yes4me.
  • Once you receive the reports, you can take the advice of an expert counselor about HIV prevention and how to live a healthy life if diagnosed with HIV positive by disclosing your HIV status. These expert counselors can also guide you on best HIV treatment in Bangalore who is available to assist you in every situation at any time. These HIV specialists also tend to guide the patients regarding better lifestyle and how to live a healthy life.

HIV test centers in Bangalore?

There are plethoras of HIV test center in Bangalore that can provide you with best HIV treatment. These test centers not only provide HIV test and STD test in Bangalore but various other types of blood tests that can confirm the risk levels for HIV. They are well equipped, approved and accredited constituting expert counselors who are always available to assist the patient when in need and clarify their doubts. HIV, however, cannot be cured but the experts ensure to provide the best treatment to the patient where they can live a healthy and happier life.


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