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Microsoft Surface Laptop 3: Enhance Your Creativity with this Laptop

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3: Introduction

If you want to explore your inner talents; then you can do so with the help of a good quality laptop. But before purchasing a laptop; you should know about its specifications, key features and how it is perfect for you.

If you have noticed; nowadays most work is done through online platforms, including financial transactions. But for working on an online platform with full efficiency; you would require a good and reliable computer or laptop. Handling your professional and personal life works seamlessly with Microsoft Surface Laptop 3.

Microsoft Laptop 3


About Microsoft

Microsoft is a world-famous American multinational technology company; which has headquarters in Washington and Redmond. Microsoft manufacture, support, license, sell and develop consumer electronics, computer software, services and personal computers.

It has gained immense popularity all around the world with its software products like Microsoft window operating systems, Internet Explorer, Edge web browsers and Microsoft Office suite. Other than these products it also has flagship hardware products like Microsoft Surface lineup of touchscreen personal computers and Xbox video game consoles.

Microsoft is also known as one of the big five companies of the US along with Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple. You will be a little bit amazed to know that Microsoft is a portmanteau of Microcomputer software; which was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen on April 4, 1974. Bill Gates and Paul Allen were childhood friends; they started this business using their skills in computer programming.

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 is Microsoft’s top-quality laptop; which is now in its third generation sporting new processors, new ports and an updated design. It has two variants to select from; one is the 13.5-inch size and the other one is of 15-inch size. It has a uniquely attractive design; which is way better than the plain aluminium design. Surface Laptop 3 is a fine piece of tech that has been created to handle your workload with ease.

You also get choices for your keyboard finish with it; like sandstone or black, platinum Alcantara or cobalt blue. They have designed it with quite unique craftsmanship to offer a premium machine to the users. It comes with 10th Gen Intel Core Processor offering up to 11.5 hours of battery life, 13.5”/15” pixel sense display and up to 16 GB RAM. It is a common fact that people love using the latest generation of devices. That’s why Surface Laptop 3 has been redesigned to create a very efficient laptop.

It is effective in offering greater security with faster multitasking and connectivity and comes with a removable hard drive, USB C and USB A ports. It is available in multiple colours, but if you want something premium looking; then go with platinum. It would help you to create a powerful expression of your style.

Only with its platinum colour; you will get an Alcantara keyboard finish. You can harness the improved performance and speed of Surface Laptop 3; to get all your work done efficiently. Use professional-grade software and essential apps efficiently.

They have improved its battery life; so you can now enjoy more unplugged power and can go further without worrying about draining the battery. Its fast charging capability helps you get up to 80% charge in just one hour. We have also found out that; with improved standby features you can extend its battery life; while you are away.

If you want to witness Microsoft’s commitment towards its user; then you can do so with Surface Laptop 3. They have created it with an innovative approach for users to create impact with their work.

Some Key Features

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 is a special piece of technology that can bring change in the way you work, with the help of its unique features. But here we are going to explain to you some of its key features; which we have mentioned below.

Glass Trackpad and Durable Keyboard Finishes

Now navigating becomes easier; with a 20% larger glass trackpad. If you like to enjoy working on projects with your laptop; then it is good news for you; that it comes with industry-leading typing comfort. It offers two keyboard finishes; the cool metal and Alcantara.

Microsoft Laptop 3 Keyboard

The Dolby Audio Premium and Studio Mics

Audio and volume have always been a problem with laptops. But with it; you won’t face this problem. The enhanced dual far-field Studio Mics will make you heard loud and clear. The Omnisonic Speakers; which are used in it are now also improved to provide spectacular sound quality as you desire.

The Removable Hard Drive

Another major feature of Surface Laptop 3 is its removable hard drive. The removable hard drive helps the users to maintain and control the security of all their important information with proper data retention.


Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 is one of the most refined Windows 10 machines. Its work efficiency can be measured with fast booting time that it offers. It comes with a good Windows Hello face authentication camera in the front to offer you the feel of futuristic tech.

If you want this perfect working companion; then you can get it easily from stores, offering online shopping in South Africa and enjoy the pleasure of doing work; in comfort and style. It is a professional piece of tech; that is best suited to handle image editing or some other heavy-duty programmes like video editing.

While using it, you will not be dissatisfied; as it has a long eight hours battery life. The feature of quick charge is the most useful addition for users. According to our research, we have found that it can be charged via either surface connector or USB C without much hassle. Another major aspect is it’s easy repairability compared to its predecessor. Dive into the ocean of new ideas with Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 and unleash your creativity.

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