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Most Proven WordPress UX Basics You can’t Ignore at any Cost

The online world is going crazier day by day. The ever-growing competition to stand out from the crowd, a number of options for the web users and numerous challenges to keep up with the latest web industry trends make it quite difficult for businesses to establish a strong online presence. However, keeping a few basic things in mind, you can surely set a smooth path for yourself and your business.

Since WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms to build websites (And we are sure that 50% of our readers are running WP websites), there are various things that you need to get right in order to get an edge over your competitors.

The popularity of WordPress has also given birth to WordPress development companies that offer different services ranging from theme development to WordPress Plugin Development Service worldwide.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is not only considered easy to use but also the most cost-efficient platform to use today. Where various other platforms charge a certain amount of fee to set up your online store or blog, WordPress is available free of cost which makes it highly affordable.

Though WordPress is common and extremely easy to use, WP users often overlook the importance of various things. Among all, the user experience is the most crucial factor to consider. You create websites for web users and overlooking the importance of offering better user experience gives your website a back seat. Of course, you wouldn’t want that.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of 5 most important WordPress UX basics that you cannot overlook at any cost.

1. Clean and focused design

Yes, we all want to pour out our creativity in our design; but is it the right thing to do? Your website design should be clean and focused enough to capture the attention of your users. You wouldn’t want to give your visitors the wrong idea about your website or confuse them with plenty of options. You need to keep it simple yet elegant. Use a simple looking theme and integrate it into your WordPress. Of course, you can make a few modifications later as per your requirements and needs.

2. Easy navigation

How would like if you can’t find a search box on your favorite website? Annoying, right? Easy navigation is the key to success when it comes to online business. You want to give your users an option to find any information on your website with an easy-to-find search box. Also, make sure you follow the industry standards when designing your website.

As an instance, a majority of websites use a standard search box in the right top-most corner of the site and web users are habitual of this habit. So, whenever they visit a site, they tend to look for a search box in the right top-most corner. Don’t befuddle your visitors by putting it in the footer section or somewhere else.

3. Fast loading sites

Web users are impatient. They tend to navigate away from a site if it takes forever to load. Well, as a matter of fact, why not? With so many options to choose from, why do they have to wait on a site that does not load quickly? This is why it is important to optimize your website for speed and drive more traffic including returning visitors to your website.

You can make use of a caching plugin to reduce the downloading of the website’s information data every time a user opens your website.

4. Responsiveness

The evolution of new devices has certainly made it difficult for webmasters to maintain their website’s effectiveness since more than 34% of web traffic is driven from smartphones and tablets. Where a majority of online businesses are keeping with mobile users, can you afford to lose a large number of potential customers?

If you take your business seriously, you wouldn’t. Therefore, it is always advisable to optimize your site for all the devices available in the market.

5. Social Friendly

How active are you on social media networks? Well, we can’t say anything about you, but web users are apparently very active on the most popular social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and much more. Social media sites are a great platform to promote and advertise your products and services to your targeted audience.

Make sure you do not miss out on such a huge opportunity to reach a wider market while entertaining your audience through their favorite sites.

Use the power of such a powerful platform by avoiding even the silliest mistakes.

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Emily Johns is a renowned Web development professional who works with Wordsuccor Ltd. She is a passionate blogger who loves to write and share everything about WordPress and new Web design technologies. If you need to hire a dedicated WordPress programmer to get connected with her on 

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