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New Development In Indian Railways

Changes are really good for the betterment of our society. Initiatives and assorted efforts are made for making traveling lives better of people in India as traveling is a basic part of the lives of many people who travel daily.

Bio toilets have been introduced for stepping up to better environmental conditions. The railways have started installing bio-toilets in all coaches so that no direct human discharge is seen on tracks. In this toilet system, the Human discharge is converted into anaerobic bacteria and later on, that bacterium is converted into a small number of biogases and water. That wastewater is later on discharged after chlorination on the railway tracks. These toilets save water by using only up to half liters of water while flushing. Railway tracks can now turn into clean tracks. Railways have taken the initiative of providing neat and clean toilets to the public. This project can only be successful by the co-operation of the public. Passengers must avoid throwing inorganic wastes like sanitary napkins, cigarette, plastic wastes, polythene, etc. It is a great invention that can really help in coming years also.

Waiting lounge has started taking place that offers you comfort level as home and luxury that matches hotel services. You can see one of its examples in Delhi railway station. Facilities like washing areas, changing areas, family rooms, massage centers, drinking area, and buffet area have been given. Passenger can enjoy these facilities while waiting for their train to arrive. Fax, scanning, Photostats can also be done at minimal charges. 5D movie theatre, live TV and channel music option and many other entertainment facilities are given too which really attracts all. Its entry fee is just Rs 150/- for two hours that gives travelers complimentary drinks and enjoy. Rs 50/- are charged after every one hour after 2 hours get over. Buffet services can also be enjoyed t a very minimal cost. The executive lounge also welcomes their valuable customers with air-conditioned lounge, Wi-Fi connections, luggage racks and neat washroom under a single roof. Wheelchairs are also available for senior citizens and physically challenged at the lounge. Payment can be done by cash or online also. Photo ID proofs and valid train tickets are to be shown to make the fun of these services.

While traveling through train, arrangements of food services are the most concerned part that catches one’s attention. Provisions of catering services at your train seats have been proved very successful and popular system these days. Delivery of food in trains has been a blessing for people who hate poor quality food. Bookings are done systematically. Many different companies are introduced that serves various food items as per your desires through different online portals. Payments can also be done online or by cash on delivery. Companies simply take your order and pass it on to the local respective station vendor and then vendors have to deliver the food timely. It is not as easy as the delivery of food to someone’s house. It seriously needs perfection. They offer customers better food quality with reasonable prices at your seat without hassles. Medicines, cakes, customized food for patients and hot milk for babies can also be provided by them.

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