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One-Page Website: Why, Who Needs It, How To Do It

Sometimes, to achieve the goal, it does not take much. A one-page site is a prime example of this approach to business. Just one commercial web page can become a sales generator or the core of the information business. The main thing is to correctly prioritize.

One-page website: why and who needs it

The purpose of single-page sites is the promotion of services, goods or the dissemination of commercial information. In connection with this targeted approach, one-page resources are distinguished by a bright original design, contain text and graphic content.

So, on a one-page website with a commercial offer of a product or service, the following are usually posted:

  • image of advertised/promoted object/thematic picture

  • a detailed description of the essence of the proposal

  • block of product/service reviews

  • comment block

  • Form for ordering or paying for goods/services.

One-page website: how to create?

  1. To create a one-page site, you will need a template – you can choose free or paid from the variety of options available in the webspace.

  2. Next, it will be necessary to create separately all sections of the site, including a heading/ad splash screen, a brief description, a full description of the offered product/service, reviews, subscriptions, bonus programs, etc. To simplify the work, you can use the freeware site generator or special plugins for WordPress, the best of which I consider wp page which I also use boldly I can recommend it as very convenient and easy to learn, see here

  3. After the content of the site is determined, you will need to create the one-page file itself, choose a hosting and register a domain name.

  4. Search engine optimization is a traffic generator for a one-page website Pubg pc. That is why it is so important to pay attention to the selection of keywords and phrases for its promotion and further optimization of the site content.

  5. Optimization for social networks is also a source of traffic and an effective sales generator.

One-page site: tips and tricks

  • Statistics to help. By collecting and analyzing statistical data during the operation of the site, you can significantly increase its effectiveness, paying more attention to the areas of development that bring the most noticeable result. The same can be attributed to conversion – sometimes it’s enough to change colors or add accented elements, and the behavior of the audience will change for the better.

  • “The first screen” is what is displayed when you open the page of the site. If the necessary information is located below and you need to scroll to view it, likely, the visitor will simply leave the myadpcard page.

  • Video presentations and slide shows will help improve the visibility of information. It is worth paying special attention to their creation, having placed the maximum of useful information in a two-three-minute video.

  • A one-page website should be “friendly” to visitors. Do not overload a single page with music or pop-ups. Allow the visitor to “try on” your offer. And perhaps the visitor will turn into a buyer or customer.

  • Is it worth it to make a website yourself? Provided that most of the work on creating sites today is done by special programs and services, there is nothing wrong with self-made resources. Moreover, today more than half of the single-page webpages created in the network are created in this way and function quite successfully, bringing income to their owners.

 Author: Aman Bhatt

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