Since its inception, Aadhaar has transformed into a new identity in today’s Digital India scenario. Right from filing your income tax returns to registering your mobile phone services, you need to put in your Aadhaar number to confirm your identity.

However, carrying around your Aadhaar card can be a tedious task and also risky. Therefore, UIDAI has come up with a unique solution. It launched the much-awaited mAadhaar mobile application that enables you to carry your Aadhaar in your ‘pocket’. Besides, this mobile application also saves you from the hassles of producing your demographic identity in the standard form.

What is mAadhaar?

Targeting the sizeable Android user base in the country, UIDAI launched this app through the Google Play Store. After downloading the app, you can access your Aadhaar information details with your registered mobile number. But, in case you want to use the app on a mobile number that is not linked to your Aadhaar presently – you must update the latest information with the UIDAI.

How does mAadhaar work?

Once you’ve downloaded the mAadhaar app, you’ll be prompted to set a password that ranges from 8-12 characters. Once the password is set, scan the QR code on your Aadhaar card. Now the app will auto-verify the provided information using a TOPT verification method for increased security.

This app also packs a smart feature of adding up to 3 Aadhaar cards in a single device provided the registered mobile number of all these cards is the same. Furthermore, you can biometrically lock your sensitive data for security purpose. This feature makes it practically impossible to get hold of your Aadhaar information.

What does the app offers?

Now that you know what is mAadhaar, let’s look at what it offers –

  1. Convenience: Carrying the hard copy of your Aadhaar can be risky as chances of getting it stolen is always a possibility. Introduction to this mobile application eliminates such risks. Furthermore, it’s easy to operate and can be seamlessly synced between multiple Android devices.
  2. Enhanced security: The app offers biometric encryption and TOTP based registration option, which is far more secure than an OTP as it cannot be copied or replicated.
  3. Simple data sharing: It’s easy to share your updated Aadhaar details and eKYC documents with 3rd party applications.
  4. Choice of multiple profiles: The primary use of mAadhaar application lies in allowing Aadhaar registered users to carry up to 3 profiles on their devices.

Is it safe to use this app?

The original idea behind introducing this application is to make viewing and sharing your Aadhaar details simpler. The app uses industry-leading 128 Bit SQL encryption to deliver unmatched data security. Moreover, the app integrates biometric encryption system along with the TOTP feature, which only enhances its security level.

Uses of mAadhaar app    

You can use the app for a variety of purposes like enrolling for government subsidy schemes or avail credits from financial institutions. For instance, you can avail a Personal Loan from financial institutions by providing your Aadhaar card details and a few other documents. Availing these loans gives you the benefit to enjoy features like:

  • Attractive interest rates.
  • Flexible repayment tenor.
  • Instant approval of loan amount with minimal documentation.
  • Fast disbursal, and many more.

Now that you know what is mAadhaar, use it to your advantage and avail the required services. The app is available free of cost and is easy to use.


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