PrEP or Pre Exposure Prophylaxis is one of the combination of drugs which have created a lot of impact on the medical society at present. PrEP in India has been recently launched, and various testing programs are to be carried out soon.

So, what is PrEP? As per the analysis of this drug, it is one of the rare medications that can help with HIV prophylaxis. When taken regularly, this drug has shown to reduce the chance of getting affected by HIV by a whopping 85%. Even though the drug is not capable of fully curing HIV yet, it has been found to extend the life span of an average person up to nearly a year. It is also predicted that with the use of PrEP in India for the next fifteen years, up to 270,000 transmissions of HIV can be blocked.

Various studies and journals have suggested that PrEP HIV needs to be distributed to the men who practice the same-gender sex or belong in the category of MSM. The other group of people who need to be distributed PrEP are PWID or the ones who inject various types of drugs. This is considered as one of the best ways to stop HIV from spreading further in India.

All the areas that have a history of HIV affected patients need to be the hotspots where PrEP needs to be circulated. This way, HIV prevention will be fast, as well as productive. All the various tests that have been conducted to date show great promise of the potential that lies with the proper usage of PrEP and its application.

In order to provide prophylaxis for HIV accurately, awareness needs to be generated among the people too. Testing programs should be held more often, with annual and bi-annual programs being made compulsory. People will start using the drug only when general awareness increases.

To accurately provide PrEP in India, the cost can be substantially high. However, efforts are being made to minimize this cost as much as possible. Providing treatment to patients in the form of meal PrEP is probably the most cost-effective way to do so.

The use of PrEP provides HIV prophylaxis by reducing the chances of infection significantly. Thus, the chances of survivability of the affected patients increase as well.

With the proper testing that needs to be done on PrEP in India, actionable testing services are provided at Yes4Me. We work as an online reservation system and provide free counseling in pre and post-tests. We make sure to provide privacy and anonymity while handling every individual’s data. This way, the different results of PrEP are identified and recorded quickly. This, in turn, helps in predicting the effectiveness of this drug and how frequently can it be administered to minimize the chance of HIV infections.

If you have any question regarding HIV or sexual health, call our experienced professionals to get the point specific answers to your questions. You can also set up a reservation if you want a face to face interaction.


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