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Best Rangoli Designs for Diwali

Rangoli is floor art. It is an art of drawing beautiful floral patterns and other natural designs on the floor. It is made using colorful sand, Gulal (colored powder), Rice, flowers, chalk, etc. It is part of Indian culture and is usually made at the house entrance. People make rangoli during festivals. Diwali rangoli designs, Holi rangoli, republic day rangoli are among the popular rangoli designs which mark these special occasions.

easy peacock rangoli design

easy-rangoli-design peacock-rangoli

peacock-rangoli-design ganesh-rangoli-desig

Rangoli is popular in North India and few southern states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, etc. It is believed that rangoli dissipates away from the negative energy and has a special essence to spread positivity. Rangoli is an eye appealing thing on every occasion. People love capturing the image of beautiful and unique rangoli designs with their cameras.


Happy Diwali Rangoli Design

Rangoli is known by different names in different parts of India. Following are various names of rangoli art:

  • Alpana (West Bengal)
  • Aripan (Bihar)
  • Aipan (Uttarakhand)
  • Jhoti or Chita (Orissa)
  • Kolam (Tamil Nadu)
  • Muggu (Andhra Pradesh)
  • Madana (Rajasthan)
  • Rangoli (Gujarat, Karnataka, and Maharashtra)
  • Chowkpurana (Uttar Pradesh)

Here in this article, I will describe the various types of rangoli designs and also we will guide you to design and draw the best rangoli for your special occasion.

Diwali Rangoli

Materials required for simple rangoli design

  • Colored powders like indigo
  • Spices like turmeric, rawa
  • Rice flour, flour of wheat
  • Rangoli colors powder as you choice
  • Chalk for making rangoli outline
  • Spices and grains in a different color
  • Rice is very common for simple rangoli design you can color it as your choice
  • Turmeric past or Turmeric powder is very useful for simple rangoli design
  • Flower petals are used for highlighting rangoli design
  • Decorative Diya as your choice where you put
  • Last important material is your creativity

Rangoli powders

We recommend you to use simple white chalk to first draw the pattern on the floor and then you can decorate it colorful materials of choice.

Let’s get started with the making of easy Rangoli designs for Diwali

1) Simple rangoli with chalk and white flour

This type of rangoli design is pretty simple. The material you need here is chalk and white flour. You can draw various geometrical patterns using these materials. This rangoli is usually made on festival occasions and to welcome guests. This rangoli design is said to please God and Goddess.

Simple rangoli with chalk and white flour

2) Rangoli with dots

Dotted rangoli is made by making dots in equal lines and in equal numbers. These are made in various shapes like stars, petals, flowers, leaves, etc. Later these are filled in with colors. This is popular in South India.

Rangoli with dots

3) Floating Rangoli

This form of rangoli is very popular these days. This is the latest in rangoli art. This is made using watercolors, oil, flowers, flower petals, candles, Diyas, etc. All these are used to form the desired rangoli pattern over water. All these floats on water and appears very beautiful.

Floating Rangoli

Floating Rangoli with flowers

4) The Diwa and Flame Pattern rangoli design for Diwali

This pattern design resembles Diya and flame and it is a very special Diwali rangoli design. If you enlighten some fragrance candles around it will give a very lovely aroma in the house.

Diwa and Flame Pattern rangoli design for Diwali

5) Rangoli with Diyas (Earthen Lamps)

Rangoli made with Diyas is very popular during Diwali. Candles and Diyas arranged in various geometrical patterns to make this rangoli. This gives a very peculiar appearance as it really glows brightly in the dark.

Rangoli with Diyas

6) Diwali rangoli design with contrast

To make this design you need a very keen knowledge of color as you need to discriminate between 3 shades of red, saffron and cherry.  This design is a bit typical and you need to work hard to design this.

Diwali rangoli design with contrast

Super tips that will help you find the desired and easy Rangoli Designs:

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