Advance technology is developing progressively, where the society is changing, also development in Technology has changed the way of doing the business, even the ways to promote the business events.

The events industry is emerging day by day worldwide. Business events become the very popular and dominant tool for company product sales and brand identity. Company arrange these events for their new product launch, for revenue generation, engagement with customers, etc. Business organization organizes various kinds of events such as conferences, exhibitions, Educational Surveys, trade shows, Training workshops, software displays, grand opening, corporate meeting, about the training of company products etc.

Research conducted by IBISWorld (Industry Market Research, Reports, & Statistics) US, the event specialist’s industry has earned $4.3 billion in revenue in 2014, and 6% grow in next year 2015, in which this industry earned 4.5$ billion. Through the events, companies get corporative and individual clients.

Company promote their events through electronic devices such as Tablets, iPad’s and other related devices. They use these devices for connecting with online world population, they need these devices for short terms of period. Therefore, they hire them rather than buying them. They hire tablets for their event day or for 2 or 3 days. There are a lot of companies who provide these devices on rent basis, such as they hire tablets from Tablet Hire companies and they get in a very cheap price.

Here are list of some ways to promote the business events:

• Social media marketing
• Website for event
• Meeting peoples with event brochure
• Email marketing

Social media marketing

Social media marketing should use for promotion of the event. Social media marketing is the powerful and perfect technology tool to engage the audience for the promotion of the event.

Here are some simple ideas on how you can get that:

Updates of event for promotion through social media channel

Twitter always use for any event promotion on social media. You can use Twitter for interaction with peoples who will share their ideas about your event using the event hashtags. Tweets from the business event organizer and share photos of your last event. Also use Facebook and Instagram and other related social platforms for sharing photos, videos, etc.

Therefore, it is very necessary to provide an iPad to your every event organizer employee for social media marketing. In London, many companies provide these IPad rental services for events. Companies could iPad hire for events very easily at a cheap price.
Website for event

Companies need to make a unique and beautiful landing page of event for their event promotion and this is a very important step in promotion of event. Upload your past event pictures, videos and details price winners attendees. People will take an interest in company event because of the website.

Meeting peoples with event brochure

Social media marketing is not enough for event promotion. In the modern world where technology helps a lot for event promotion, but also no one can ignore the importance of visiting cards and brochure. Event organizers need to go out where people meet with each other someplace like park, society meetings, into the mall and shopping center. You should give them to your event brochure and tell them about interesting things of your event.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is also a powerful tool for event promotion. Except than the social media, email marketing is a direct communication tool with the audience. If you have a list of emails from your last events, than send them emails and update them about your upcoming event, send them discount ticket details, videos and pictures of your last event, inform them about competitions and winners details of your last event and the benefits which winners got.

People will take interest in your events when you will provide them something interesting.


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