There is an artistic beauty when it comes to a monsoon tropical destination. If you don’t mind soaking up in the rain, you can enjoy a lot of unique destinations with a fresh pair of eyes and romantic cozy climate. Here are the top seven monsoon destinations to choose if you are planning to visit India between July and September.

Lonavala of Maharashtra

This is a small hill station located very closer to Mumbai. Yes, a hill town during the drizzling season could surprise you. You can literally feel the clouds around you. Most of the natural attractions will be at prime beauty during this season. The best part of all is the road trip to Lonavala. The route will be covered with mist and the flora will be blooming. If you love photography, this is the best season for clicks in Lonavala. Not to mention, this is the honeymoon season too.

Bishnupur of West Bengal

A little away from Kolkata, this terracotta town is the hub for culture, history and architecture. This city was once the powerful capital of Mallabhum’s Malla Dynasty. Around 1000 years ago, the kings built numerous terracotta structures and statues in this town. The best part about rain is that, it washes out these terracotta structures and gives a bright fresh look to the place. If you are visiting Bishnupur, do not forget to shop for some local silk sarees.

Rann of Kutch

This salt desert is located in Gujarat. This is one of the beautiful natural tourist magnets in Gujarat. Do you know that monsoon adds a white beauty to this paradise? During monsoon, many cultural programs will be conducted by 18 different cultural tribes who thrive in this region. The best of all is a camel safari during a mild shower.

Valley of Flowers of Uttarakhand

This is the most beautiful monsoon spot for any India tour. During monsoon season, the entire valley of the region gets the bloom season and the slopes will be covered with shades of pink, purple, white and red. There are more than 400 different flower species in this valley. It will look like a velvety carpet along the slopes. The only downfall is that the valley can be reached only by trekking. It is an easy route with moderate distance to reach the valley.

Shillong of Meghalaya

Shillong is called as the abode of clouds. Think about this abode during monsoon season. The place is known for its mesmerizing beauty. Of all the attractions in this region, the misty clouds that fly around you make the magic of romance come alive. All the waterfalls in this region will be lush with water. The entire hill town will look fresh and lively. Thanks to the rain, the flora will be at prime beauty and this allows many delicacies to be on the menu.

Alleppey of Kerala

Kerala is a year-round beauty. When it comes to monsoon, it just adds more value to your vacation. First of all, the backwaters and houseboat rides in mild shower will be an aesthetic treat. Also, monsoon marks the blooming season and thus, many herbs and medicinal plants will be available for Ayurveda treatments. The beaches will be cool and relaxing during this season.

Jaipur of Rajasthan

Jaipur has an arid desert climate in general and thanks to the monsoon, the climate will be a peach. Top tourism activities will be at prime beauty. The architectural beauties will be washed up in rain and will be picture-perfect. The best of all is the monsoon culture. The local culture celebrates many interesting and important festivals during monsoon season. The best of all is Teej Festival. If you are up for Jaipur in rain, you can experience the colorful culture of the land.

Monsoon is not a blind-tourism vacation time in India. Not all destinations will be at prime beauty during monsoon. For instance, visiting Andaman and Nicobar Islands during monsoon would be a disaster, choosing to spend adventure time in Ladakh in rain would lead you to get stuck in your hotel room all week. Thus, choose the destinations perfectly and pack accordingly.

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