As summer is knocking at our doors, it is the right time to try out these summer ideas for home decor. With just a little bit of effort and using a few hacks, you can make your home your favorite place to spend time in summer.

There are many latest interior trends like Ice-cream pastels, ombre, indigo blues, and zingy color pops for modern home looks in summer 2019.

Keep reading, we will show you our favorites and how to put them together in your home.

Give an Artistic Touch with Wall Hangings and Crafts:

No more boring home decor accessories. Now it’s all about embellishments like macramé, nautical mirrors, touting, car uncle and feathers, you will see it on all the home decor stuff including cushions, wall hangings, curtains, rugs, glass cabinets and other accessories. This trend gives a fascinating feel to the space having a couch with fancy cushions on it, walls decorated with beautiful handmade hanging art/paintings.

Experiment with natural colored hand crafts with boho materials creates a contemporary relaxed summer style. Replace those framed arts with handmade macramé, tassels and other woven wall hangings. These handmade crafts are just the perfect fit for this season.

Use Cushy and Refreshing Wall Paints:

2019 is supposed to be the year of sorbet colors in interior and fashion industry. Such colors give a cool and invigorating feel to the space in summer. In some old school thoughts, dark paint colors can normally be used for creating a comfortable environment but this frigid color trend has taken the home interior to an entirely next level and is becoming everyone’s favorite.

Because the walls of your house are a canvas to play with colors, let us suggest some trending colors and patterns. Hazelnut is a warm creamy color that never goes out of style. Lilac-gray and dove gray are super classic and elegant colors for modern summer ideas for home decor. Dark green, muted pastels, soft clay, and new blues are latest paint colors to elevate the room and your mood with supper ease.

Add Instant Life to your Space with Indoor Plants:

If you are not blessed with a large home that does not mean you cannot have greenery around your space. There are many indoor plants like lucky bamboo, Lit hops, Chinese money plant, Baby toes and oxalis which take less space and sunlight. These mini plants are real mood twisters. They give vibrant color to your home in summer.

Cage your plants with indoor plant trappings. These hanging planters are simply adorable. There are plenty of decor options to play with tiny plants including Terracotta pot, wall mounted plants, dandelion, ecosystem, and foliage. You may hang these beauties on walls or place them over shelves.

Beat the Heat with Heat Resistant Window Shades:

Windows are one of the most important homes interior elements by the way they provide transparency to outdoor views. But at the same time, they are also transparent to heat stream. Here are some suggestions to halt this heat streaming through windows. Consider heat resistant solar shades to block the heat. These polyester coated mesh screens are available in different mesh counts; the higher the count, the more heat is blocked. Apart from them, install awnings, apply window film and hang shutters.

Also, keep in mind that the color you select for the windows can also have an impact on their quality. Use lighter colors that may reflect the sun rays.

Use Glass Furniture to Add Glam Look in a Modern House

We have been using glass cabinets in our homes for a long time and I guess they’re not going away any time soon. Glass is a gentle and fragile material but it can create a modern and fancy interior look. Kitchen with glass display cabinets look extra sophisticated and elegant and you should not think much if that is how you want your kitchen to look like.

Glass cabinets (painted vintage glass) can also be used in bathrooms as well because this is a durable material. Moreover glass display cabinets for bath are considered to be an important part of a modern house.

Use Indirect Soft Lighting:

Indoor lighting options become really tricky in the summer months.  An element of fancifulness can be added to your decor. Several options are available like natural fiber pendant lamps (wicker) are the remedy for creating a relaxed and comfortable feel. Indirect lighting techniques can be used as the addition of recessed spotlight combined with dimmer switch installed in solid patio cover or enclosed in a weatherproof casing.

Bring the outdoors inside by adding a tropical touch. Arrange some Tiki lamps to add a warm down lighting effect. This is a very simple and easy lighting system to make the environment a bit romantic.

Use Light Easy Home Curtains:

This year change the personality of your modern home looks in summer by replacing heavy dark winter curtains with light easy summer curtains. Let the pastel and sheers to play the charm. They can bring instant eye-pleasing effect and can make the space more elegant and welcoming.

But if you are more concerned for a cool and cozy environment then you should go for blackout curtains. They will play their magic by filtering the sun’s rays and keeping the room temperature cool.

When we talk about summer curtains, its best to use ombre and indigo blue shades. They look overwhelming and trendy.


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