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Start Catering Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to do Catering Service Business and earn millions – Friends, you all know that in today’s time, what is the importance of Catering Service Business in marriage, party and how much demand is there for Catering Business in the market.

Today we will learn in detail about how to do catering service business in this post and also know how you can start this business easily in your budget.

In fact, in the business of catering, caterers work to arrange the right food for weddings, parties, birthdays and any big event. Catering service is the first name that comes for the preparation related to food in any function, so in today’s time this business is so popular in India, seeing that today’s youth are earning well by starting it as a startup. , so let’s know how you can start it. Business

What Is Catering Business?

Catering is required for the arrangement of food and drink in marriage, party, birthday celebration or festival, which is also called catering business. Catering business is a very big business in India. There are many advantages of this business like – will always earn whether it is lockdown or demonetisation.

How To Start Catering Business?

In the current year 2022, the market size of this sector was more than 4 lakh crore and in the coming year 2023, this figure is estimated to go up to 6 lakh crore. Must read till the last to understand the business of catering.

To start the business of catering, you have to work keeping in mind the small things and do research. In this post, we will learn about those small things like starting this business, you will know what kind of capital is needed in this business and also know how much kitchen area it can take and your location. What should be, what kind of license and government permission you may need for this business, as well as what type of menu should be chosen.

Create A Business Plan For Catering

Before starting this business you should do some planning or planning in which you should select the required material, equipment and place for your business according to your budget. Read all topics below –

Choose Location

Friends, location is very important to make any business successful, so choose the location of your business carefully. You can rent a good place for the business of catering and take it to a place from where the catering shop is easily visible to the people. But if you want to provide catering service only in weddings and parties, then you can start it from your home as well.

Stock Up On Catering Equipment Or Tools

In the business of catering, you need many small and big things like attractive plates, spoons, glasses, bowls and utensils etc. to eat, distribute and keep food.

Apart from this, all types of equipment will be required for cooking, such as – 3-4 gas, large size stove and pure foot water tank as well as large utensils for cooking and keeping etc. Itemize all of these utensils and essentials in bulk, so you’ll get the goods at a discount.

From Where To Get The Raw Material?

Take raw material or ration items for catering from the trader, who will also give you a good discount and vegetables can be bought in bulk from the vegetable market.

Packing Material For Catering Business

In the business of catering, you can also keep packing of goods and equipment, this will increase your profit margin significantly and the customers will also be satisfied with it. Because most of the children are given packed chocolates, cakes etc. in the birthday party.

Hire Experienced Employees For Catering Business

Friends, its employees have a huge contribution in making any business successful, so hire such employees who are experienced for your work. And at the same time, do your work diligently and talk politely with the customer, which will increase your influence and business.

Where To Get The Business License Of Catering?

Friends, to start a business in any area of India, license and government permit is required, without this your business will be considered illegal, due to which you may face problems later, so you can choose Catering Service according to your area. can do. You can get license for how to do business.

FSSAI license is required for food business in India, which you will get online through internet. Click on the FSSAI License link to apply for FSSAI License.

Apart from Fssai license, trade license will have to be taken which you will get from the municipality of your area and it is also necessary to do GST registration.

Pay Attention To The Quality Of The Food?

Friends, food is very important in the business of catering, for which you have to hire an experienced cook. Who specializes in making all kinds of food and dishes and is also tasty and healthy.

In the business of catering, along with the quality of food, the cleanliness of the kitchen also has to be taken care of. This can happen if the quality of your food is not good

Build A Good Relationship With The Customer

Good quality of food will get you good orders. And also your customers should be important to you, if you are not good with old customers no one will even consider your business. Due to which your value in the market can be reduced, so maintain a good relationship with your customer as much as possible. In this business, you will not find a bigger marketer than the customers, who will popularize your business with their own identity.

How To Do Online And Offline Marketing Of Catering Business?

Marketing and branding is the only way to reach your business to more and more people in less time, which you can do both online and offline.

Online Marketing – To do online marketing, you can promote how to do catering service business on Google by name, number and detail, apart from this you can also advertise on Facebook and Telegram.

Offline Marketing – To do offline marketing, you can make posters and pamphlets with the name of your business and distribute them on the walls of your area and also in the nearby houses. And definitely get a visiting card made in your name, which can be sent along with your upcoming orders.

Cost Of Starting A Catering Business?

If you want to take the business of catering to a small to big level, then you can keep an initial budget of 4 to 5 lakhs in it and gradually grow the business with time and provide facilities.

Profit In Catering Business

Profit in the business of catering depends on your work and orders, if your work is going well then you can earn from 50 thousand to 80 thousand per month. This profit increases further during the wedding season as the orders almost double during the wedding season.


Friends, today you learned in this article how to do Catering Service Business. And also learned that you will be able to earn good money from this business. If you want to ask questions related to the business of catering, then you can ask by commenting. Thank you!

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Start Catering Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to do Catering Service Business and earn millions - Friends, you all know that in today's time, what is the importance of Catering...

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