With the rapid increase in the number of social media users, it doubles the marketing opportunities for marketers.Of course, the very first step is to create a business account on all the major social media platforms. Please take care before choosing a username of your business account and try to keep the username same in all the platforms as it makes the audience feel the authenticity of the business (as you may not get the blue tick at the initial stage). Once your account is set, you can follow the below steps for the effectiveness of your social media marketing plan.

1. Define your Goal:

What you want to achieve from your social media marketing should be the first thing to consider before making any plan.

The following can be the goal of your social media marketing:

• Get more traffic on the website
• Generate more sales
• Spread awareness about your brand
• Strong social media presence

These are some of the common goals of any firm who is spending some time and efforts on social media marketing.

2. Define your audience:

This should be the priority of every business those who are planning to go for social media marketing. Before making any strategy, you must know who your audience is. No doubt your audience choice is based on the type of your business. Choosing the right audience is crucial. For example, if your business is an online course and you are targeting the audience of the age group 35 to 65 or more, then yes you are going wrong.

3. Decide your budget:

The budget entirely depends upon the marketer and the firm. A startup with minimum funds can try it for free. Organic social media campaigns may take time and a lot of efforts, but this is the best strategy to get some real and free response.
However, if you wish to get a quick result and you are willing to spend some amount for the same, then you can go for the paid ads. Running a paid campaign on the major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc. can help you to achieve whatever your goal is.

4. Planning:

Once you have finalized your goal, target audience, and budget, you can start planning on how to achieve your goal while targeting the right audience within the budget. In this step, the marketing team can make a strategy for active social media marketing. The plan may include the schedule of postings per week/month, hashtags to add on a post for more organic reach, etc. You can also make a hashtag specifically for your brand.

5. Execution:

After planning it’s time to act. Start working according to the plan and hope for the best result. This is the most important step of your social media marketing plan. If you don’t execute your strategy as per the plan then, my friend, you are doing a great mistake which will not only waste your time but it may also may lead you to miss the greatest opportunity. So, execute it as per the plan and with full efforts.

6. Analytics:

Okay, this is an essential step in social media marketing. Unlike traditional marketing, the perk of social media marketing is that you can analysis your performance, and the data used in the analytics are 100% accurate.

You can check the analytics which is available on all the social media platforms which allow running a paid campaign. Analyze your performance and compare it with your goal. If you think your performances are up to the mark, then continue with the same strategy or revise your strategy and come with a new plan and work on it.

If you are not sure how to do and what to do, then you can start by analyzing your competitors. That will help you with your strategy. No, I am not asking you to copy their strategy; you can follow the niche. A little of the research and planning may return in great result. Do your homework before planning anything. If you are not sure what to do and how to do then you can hire a digital marketing company to make to done for you or you can even hire freelancer if you have a limited budget. Freelancers may work really well in a minimum cost as they have already worked on many projects before.

I hope this will make a clear picture of how to start with your social marketing strategy to maximize the desired result. Please note strategy may vary for your business as every business is not the same.

If you think I have missed some important point please write it down in the comment section. Please write Feedback, Suggestions and queries in the comment box.



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