Step by step process of choosing a managed IT service provider

Male business consultant is touching MANAGED SERVICES an a virtual interactive control interface. Information technology concept and business metaphor for outsourcing management responsibility.

There are many businesses out there who fail to get expected results from their effort even after building a robust, updated and latest IT infrastructure. Such businesses cross the first step towards technological advancement which is realizing the importance of IT infrastructure and using the best IT solutions but they are not able to cross the second step of technological advancement which is proper management of IT infrastructure and that’s why they are not able to harness their IT solution even after investing so much.

Most of the businesses struggle with management of time and effort and if you will ask an entrepreneur, he will surely say that even 24 hours in a day are not enough for him. Even if a business is able to manage time and focus on the management of its IT infrastructure, still they lack the expertise required to manage the IT solutions properly. There are many complex IT infrastructures especially if an organization is based on the multi-office system. Choosing a managed IT service provider for managing IT infrastructure professionally is the best thing which a business can do for its IT solutions and now most of the businesses now prefer this outsourcing of IT management rather than taking the hassle o their own.

A managed IT service provider offers a wide range of IT management solution for businesses of all size and industry. You can either outsource NOC services completely or choose particular sections or solutions of your IT infra to be managed by the managed IT service provider or MSP. But in order to reap the advantages of the services provided by an MSP, you need to choose the best one and that’s what we are going to look at in this blog post.

Be clear about your goals

One of the first things which you should do before even planning to shift to an MSP is to get clear about your goals or expectation from the shift. There are many advantages of choosing an MSP for managing your IT solution and you should be very clear about your motive of making the shift. For example, if you are looking forward for long term cost saving through an MSP then you can plan your action accordingly and then get expected results from your efforts. You should never move to an MSP just because someone recommended you or just because you saw your competitor getting benefited from it. If you will have clear motive for making the shift then you will be more focused in your action.

Choose what you want to outsource

While choosing an MSP you have both the options of allowing the MSP to manage your full IT infrastructure or just some chosen parts of your IT solution. This decision should be made before starting to search for an MSP because on the basis of this decision, you will be able to narrow down your options in a much better way. Most of the businesses allow those parts of their IT solution to be managed by an MSP which are very complicated and out of the league of their IT staff and you can use the same approach if you already have an IT team at place. This way, you will allow your IT team to focus on jobs which they are good at.

Narrow down available options

The next step will be to narrow down the available options of MSP but for that you will have to first search for MSPs according to your need and requirement. Just by searching managed IT service provider, you will get a long list of some of the best MSPs on the internet and then the process of narrowing down the results on the basis of various parameters comes into place.

There are various parameters on which you should analyze the pool of MSPs that you have made and we are going to list down some of those important parameters below:-

  • You should always check the price of services and know whether it can fit in your budget or not.

  • Never miss to know whether the chosen MSPs use latest technology and safety measures or not.

  • A good MSP will always offer expected flexibility and scalability to the user so that the user can scale up and scale down the service as per his need.

  • Without round the clock support system, you will never be able to harness the benefits of services provided by an MSP and that’s why it becomes another important parameter.

  • An ideal MSP uses proactive approach to solve issues and problems before they get into the way of business operation.

  • If you are going to choose a MSP then you should always check that whether they are transparent about their service or not.

Train your employees

After analyzing the pool of MSPs on the above mentioned parameters and then choosing the best one out of them, you should start training your employees so that they can work together with the IT team of the MSP. You should never bring a managed IT service provider in your company as a surprise because it might create chaos.

In order to reap the advantages of an MSP, it is very important to choose the best one. If you will follow the step by step process mentioned in this blog post, then your selection of MSP will become painless and quick.


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